23 September 2018

2018 National Chamionship 


Post-race engine checks are ongoing and the confirmed results are as follows:

1st - Jack Witts #1

2nd - Tyrone Evans #381

3rd - Pending

Congratulations to all of our competitors, you put on a stunning show and should be very proud.

We are also extremely pleased to announce that upon winning the National Championship, Jack Witts has been invited to represent the UK and compete in the Junior F2 Stockcar World Cup at Raceway Venray on Sunday 28th October, we wish him the very best of luck.


9 September 2018

National Championship (IMPORTANT)


Further to our recent communication, due to unforeseen circumstances the post race engine stripping will now take place on Monday 17th (times as per original letter)

Also you must ensure that your engine is drilled as per the rulebook to accept the engine seals.

There must be 2 cylinder head studs drilled and 2 holes at least 2" apart in the flywheel cover or one in cover and one bolt.

We will not have time to do this on the morning.


8 September 2018

National Championship 

A Schedule of the meeting on Sunday 16th September has been added to the National Championship Page


5 September 2018

National Championship

It's shaping up to be a great event for the Minis. We have the highest number of drivers booked in this season with an amazing 38 cars, can we get to 40 cars and break all records as the highest number of cars in the formulas history? If you can help us set a new record, then please book in with Amanda.

National Championship kindly sponsored by Ray Witts Transport 


1 September 2018

National Championship 

With just a couple of weeks to go until the biggest race of the year, make sure you book in with Amanda as soon as possible to secure your place in the pits - all drivers must book in for this meeting (whether they have qualified or not)

Ministox Album 

Kayleigh Peacock is a keen fan of Brisca Stockcars and has made albums of F1, V8 and Ministox drivers. She is the Young Mayor and raising money for the Joshua Lancaster Foundation. Please see Kayleigh Peacock on facebook to buy tickets to help raise funds.

Kayleigh Peacock Facebook 


29 August 2018

Shale Practice

Mildenhall, Tuesday 11th September, 6pm - 9pm


Sheffield 2nd September

Just a reminder this meeting is cancelled. Our next meeting is the National Championship at Northampton Raceway on Sunday 16th September, sponsored by Ray Witts Transport.

Keep checking the website for more information


24 August 2018

Aldershot Practice (Saturday)

Following requests to move the practice times to aid with teams travelling the practice will now run 12 noon - 4pm.

There can be no engine noise after 5pm but you are welcome to stay in the pits in preparation for Sundays Meeting 

21 August 2018


Weekend Information

Aldershot, Sunday 25th August, NCqr & County Bridge Championship


Sponsored by Southam Mini Metro Centre.


Spedeworth are opening up the track on Saturday for a paid practice from 12 noon - 4pm (£35 per car), you must book in for this event direct with Spedeworth on 01252 322920


Teams are permitted to travel down on Saturday and stay in the pits due to the distance and early start time.


11am Practice, each formula will get ONE short practice run.


Meeting will start at 12 noon.


After the meeting you can stay at Aldershot, but  there can be no engine noise after 5pm. You are permitted to travel to Northampton and stay in the pits.


Northampton, Monday 26th August, NCqr


Sponsored by AJ Automotive and Playground Developments.


No Practice.


Incarace Drivers brief at 1pm.


Meeting will start at 1.30pm.


As with all meetings, please respect others and remember to leave the area clean and tidy.





Important Notice

In recent weeks the club have taken fuel samples from several cars at the track, detailed analysis of the fuel has shown discrepancies indicating that non-compliant fuel maybe being used.

The club has taken the decision to file the information obtained, and in fairness to the young drivers who have limited input into the fuel they run the club has taken the pragmatic decision to carryout no further action at this point.


The club would like remind all teams of the rules regarding fuel:


Only pump petrol that is available from a minimum of 200 UK roadside stations with a maximum rating of 99 octane is permitted. Valve lubricant or octane boost is permitted provided that it does not increase the overall fuel to more than 103 octane. No other fuels or additives are permitted, nor the use of fuel scents and fragrances. Random fuel supplying (chargeable) and checks may be undertaken and any guilty party will be responsible for the payment of that supply/laboratory tests and will face disciplinary action. The fuel supplied will be Shell V Power, plus Lucas additive. This will be done in a controlled manner.


The club is issuing this notice as a Warning to all teams that we will be continuing to test Fuel throughout the season and any variations found from the permissible fuel stated in the rules will be dealt with using the strictest punishment available.


Congratulations to Jenson Brickley #246 European Champion 2018 and Tom Birchenough winner of the Venray Open


Please find link of photographs taken by Victor in Venray this weekend

Venray 2018


10 August 2018

Venray Weekend

The meeting is sponsored by G & T Robson Limited

2 heats and European on Saturday

2 heats and Venray Open on Sunday

Have a great weekend, remember to respect others and please clean up any rubbish. 

Please see Raceway Venray details below:

Venray 2018 



9 August 2018

Sunday 2nd September at Sheffield

This meeting has been cancelled due to a speedway fixture.

We are working hard to try and reschedule it, either at another track or date and will advise as soon as we can. 


4 August 2018

Shale Practice

Mildenhall Stadium are once again having a practice evening on Tuesday 7th August, 6pm - 9pm.


3 August 2018


If you are planning on racing at Venray and haven't booked with Amanda yet, can you ASAP, we need to confirm pit space and travel money. 



2 August 2018

Weekend Information 

Saturday 4th August, Stoke Raceway 

Protech Challenge Final

You will race in 2 heats which combined with the scores from round 1 at Cowdenbeath will form the final grid which is the championship race.

Remember to play your secret joker to Karen prior to heat 1 to double your qualifying points. (Full details in rulebook).

All participants of the final will receive a commemorative trophy so make sure you have someone to drive you around.

Pit gate opens 12.30pm

First race 4pm 


10 July 2018

National Championship

A few may of seen a post on social media regarding the surface at Northampton changing back to Tarmac. THIS IS INCORRECT and was an old post that got re-raised. There are no current plans to change from shale. 


Important - Isle of Man and Venray

If you wish to race at either venue, can you please book in by Friday 13th July please. We need to confirm numbers with promoters so that formats, travel money, etc, can be arranged.




Camping is available to both drivers and spectators and we ask them to kindly pick any litter they have and please use the bins provided on site. There is no charge for camping but only drivers will be allowed to stay within the confines of the raceway, everyone else will be in the car park.

Pre Meeting Practice Starts - 10.00am (£20 per car charged for practice)
Pre Meeting Practice Ends - 1.00pm
Pit Gate Opens - 1.30pm
Scrutineering Starts - 2.00pm
Spectator Gate Opens 2.30pm
Meeting Practice Starts - 2.30pm 
Meeting Practice Finishes - 5.30pm
Racing Starts 6.00pm

Following the meeting the bar will stay open for a few drinks and a good socialise.

Pit Gate Opens - 9.15am
Scrutineering Starts - 9.45am
Spectator Gate Opens - 10.15am
Meeting Practice Starts - 10.30am 
Meeting Practice Finishes - 12.30pm
Racing Starts - 1.00pm 

For those drivers attending both Saturday and Sundays event you will be charged so on the gate on arrival on Saturday and given wristbands. Those drivers arriving late on Saturday Evening following other meetings around the country you will also be charged for Sundays event on arrival and then parked in the pits (pit gate will close around 10.00pm and one arriving after this time will be parked outside for the night).  Checks will be made the following morning to check everyone is wrist banded and should you have stayed the night and not paid then the driver you are with could face the risk of not racing the Sunday.




Shale Practice

There is a very rare opportunity to get some shale practice on Tuesday 10th July (6pm - 9pm) planned.

Check with promoter before travelling.






For those of you travelling to the IoM and staying at the football club arranged through IoM events, we have arranged electric hook up via an on-site silent generator, you will need to take an extension lead with a blue 16amp 3 pin plug or an adapter (caravan plug) and we suggest at least 25meters long, (an extra extension lead or longer lead would be advisable as with the number of transporters, you may be some distance from a power socket)


Image result for caravan plug


There will be strictly no running of your own generators as we have to respect the locals and everyone else on the site and there will be a small compulsory charge of £10 per vehicle for the duration to cover the hire and fuel cost.

Please co-operate, we will be sharing the site this year with the Micro F2's so there will be plenty of socialising opportunities 

Please work with us and be considerate to the neighbours, make sure you clean up any mess and treat the site with respect.




2 July 2018


Weekend information 


Buxton, Saturday 7th July, (wyqr, Reach for the Stars)

Pit gates open: 11am

Practice: available from approximately 1pm

Drivers brief: 5.15pm

First race: 6pm

As usual, you are welcome to stay in the pits for the weekend, the bar will be open late but please consider your neighbours



Buxton, Sunday 8th July, (Buxton Enduro)


Pit gates open: 9am

Practice: available from approximately 10am

First race: 1pm

Both meetings kindly Sponsored by P Bartrum Grab Loaders

Please respect the staduim, put rubbish in the bins, clean up any mess and take home any old car parts.

We hope you have an enjoyable weekend.


If you wish to race at this meeting you must book by the end of today (Monday) no driver will be permitted to just turn up and if your not on the booking list, we have been informed that you wont be racing. There are in the region of 180 cars for this weekend so the pits is going to be extremely busy.



We are in the final stages of planning for Venray, if you wish to go and haven't booked yet, can you please book in with Amanda ASAP.

For anyone that hasn't been, you will not find better facilities and a friendlier welcome anywhere. We even get electric hook ups in the clean tarmac pits. The crowd that you race in front of will rival any F1 World Final and the fans absolutely love the Minis as they don't have anything like us over there. Pit space is a premium and we are looking to finalise numbers and format.




27 June 2018

Helpful Information

It has been identified by one of our teams that the clay/shale dust from Sunday once mixed with water from washing has the potential to set solid in the bell housing and prevent the clutch from working properly. You may wish to check in preparation for the weekend. 



Weekend information


Belle Vue (British Championship) 1st July 2018


We are pleased to be sponsored by Stuart Cowie of Madcowie productions for this meeting where he will launch the brand new game in his popular series called 'NATIONAL MINISTOX - The Official Game'.


Pit gates open: 12 noon (please do not arrive earlier as it causes congestion in the street)

Note: the greyhounds are running prior and there must be no noise before to 2.30pm


Drivers brief: 2.45pm (All drivers must attend, you will be wristbanded to prove attendance)


Grand parade: 3.10pm (ALL CARS, Both F1 & National Ministox, please make sure you have a driver with overalls)


First race: 3.30pm


Running order


3.30pm: Formula 1, heat 1

3.50pm: Formula 1, heat 2

4.10pm: National Ministox, heat 1

4.30pm: Formula 1, heat 3

4.50pm: National Ministox, heat 2

5.10pm: Formula 1, heat 4

5.30pm: National Ministox, heat 3

5.50pm: Formula1, heat 5

6.10pm: National Ministox, heat 4

6.30pm: Formula 1, heat 6

6.50pm: National Ministox, BRITISH CHAMPIONSHIP



As you can see, the running order is quite tight so we need your co-operation and need you to be ready on time

As usual, please respect the stadium, put rubbish in the bins and take home any old car parts.

We hope you have an enjoyable day.



26 June 2018



Deane Wood of Spedeworth/Incarace Motorsports would like to pass his thanks to everyone that stuck it out. He knows that it wasn't great but appreciates your support and the fact that you just got on with it and put on a great show and looks forward to welcoming us back.


Statement from Deane via social media

Northampton today - thank u to all the drivers and fans that did stay the ones that left I don't blame u it was very bad we couldn't keep up with water I even had a water tanker going out to get water and then when we put it down it was a skating ring until till the end when I put more brick dust on top thank a lot of drivers who tried to help and I am very sorry to the ones Ive up set but we won't give up it got to be right I will take the crap I get this time cos I think There right so sorry everybody but it will be right.



Buxton 7th & 8th July

Please note that if you wish to race at these meetings, you must book in by Monday 2nd July. Whilst you will be at the rear of your grade because the booking date has passed you can still book in up to this date. WE HAVE BEEN ADVISED BY THE TRACK THAT WE CANNOT ACCEPT ANY FURTHER BOOKING AFTER THIS DATE.



22 June 2018


Important Weekend Information

Saturday 23rd June, Ipswich, sponsored by JBS Commercials #246
(NCqr, Goldern Helnet)
Pits open : 3pm (No engine noise before 5pm, then only light)
Practice: from 6pm
Track briefing: 6.30pm
First race: 6.45pm
There are very strict council restrictions at this track and noise curfews so please work with the officials and respect their neighbour's. Pick up any litter and leave the area in a clean condition as it is public common land. The council are very often in attendance conducting checks so treat with respect.
You are welcome after the meeting to travel to Northampton and stay in the outer car park.

NOTE: There are major roadworks on the A14/A1 this weekend and the A14 section at Huntingdon is scheduled to be closed in both directions all weekend so allow time for diversions.

Sunday 24th June,  Northampton, sponsored by DJT Surfacing #68
(UK Challenge)
Pits open : 9.30am
Track briefing: 12.30pm
First race: 1pm
PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU HAVE YOUR RACECEIVER IN AT LEAST 1HR PRIOR TO THE MEETING START, also your raceceiver must be fitted and working for practice.



15 June 2018

Message from Startrax

I would like to pass on my personal thanks to every driver that made the effort to attend Sheffield on Sunday, I thought the racing was excellent and the kids put on a fantastic show.

Steve Rees


14 June 2018


Weekend Information

Friday 15th Lochgelly

There is a race meeting on and any teams attending the meeting are welcome to stay in the pits afterwards.

Saturday 16th Cowdenbeath

(NCqr, SCqr, Protech Challenge round 1)


Meeting Sponsor: GSN and Protech Shock Absorbers


Don't forget to hand in your Protech Joker if utilising it at this track and keep secret (hand in to Karen Taylor), if your unsure how it works, look in the rulebook page 41/2.


Pit gate opens: 12noon


Micro F2's from 2pm

Drivers brief: 4pm

Track familiarisation: 4.15pm (provisionally, there will be one session (all cars) of 5 laps, this is purely to get some familiarisation with the track and predominantly for drivers who have never attended before

First race: 5pm


After the meeting you are welcome to travel to Lochgelly and stay in the pits, there is a late licenced bar and disco.


The facilities at Lochgelly are second to none with showers and toilet facilities available, as with every stadium, please respect others, clean up after yourselves and remember that some people will want to sleep.


Sunday 17th June, Lochgelly

NCqr, Scottish Championship

Meeting Sponsor: Harrison Racing Supplies

No practice

Micro F2's from 10am 

First Race: 12noon


For further details see www.startrax.info

Protective Racewear

It has been reported to us by track officials that overalls, gloves etc of some drivers are either damaged  or starting to get in a tattered state. It is your responsibility to ensure that protective garments are in a good state. We have been instructed to increase checks on these items and anyone found to have garments that are deemed by the scrutineer to be unsuitable will not be permitted to race untill they are replaced.

For clarification, fireproof undergarments, gloves, socks, balaclava and race overalls of at least Proban are mandatory. Kart overalls are generally not fireproof so are not acceptable.

Driver Safety is paramount.



4 June 2018

The committee would like to thank all the teams for helping the meeting at Buxton yesterday go as well as it did and special thanks to the drivers for showing mini stockcar racing at its best.

Upcoming Weekend Information

Sheffield Sunday 10th June

'Yorkshire Shield', sponsored by Stansfield Bovine Chiropody

Pit Gate opens 9.30am

Drivers brief 12 noon

First Race : 12.30pm 


31 May 2018

Weekend Information

Sunday 3rd June, Buxton NCqr & NMqr

Pit gate opens : 9am

Practice : from approximately 10am

First race : 1pm

Meeting Sponsor : Grays Commercials


23 May 2018

Weekend Information

Stoke, (American Connections) Saturday 26th May

Pit Gate Opens : 12 noon

First Race : 4pm

Meeting Sponsor : Sheaf Skips

Stoxcarts are also racing from 1.30pm so come along early and give them a bit of support for their big race which is the British Championship.

Belle Vue (NCqr, WYqr) Monday 28th May

Pit Gate Opens : 12 noon (please do not arrive earlier)

First Race : 3.30pm

Meeting Sponsor : MW Fabrications

Startrax Website Link

22 May 2018


We have some great meetings coming up.

Buxton for our National Championship qualifying round and also a Whites and Yellows qualifying round, numbers permitting we plan to run a W & Y heat, kindly sponsored by Grays Commercials.

Sheffield for the Yorkshire Shield where once again a multiplying system is in place giving advantage to our lower graders, kindly sponsored by Stansfield Bovine Chiropody.

Cowdenbeath which is a National Championship qualifying round and also round 1 of the Protech Challenge and day 1 of the Scottish Championship, sponsored by GSN Shock Absorber.

Completing the weekend is a visit to Lochgelly where we contest another National Championship qualifier and also the final of the Scottish Championship. Very kindly sponsored by Harrison Racing Supplies.

Get booked in with Amanda to be part of the action.

Isle of Man

We are in the final stages of planning and have got a good entry of cars so far but with the increased number of Micro F2s also travelling, we need to confirm numbers for the allocation of travel money, we already have 18 cars and there are almost 30 Micro F2s so its looking to be a great event.

The campsite is also very busy and is likely to be fully booked very soon. Book travel and camp site through Sally at IoM Events.


My name is Kayleigh Peacock and I'm the Young Mayor Of Salford for 2018.
I have came up with an idea to bring the youth council into the sport that I love.
I will be raffling off 3 books, signed by all mini drivers, v8 drivers and f1 drivers.
The main post will be on my facebook page. if you would like a number please comment on the original post or your number won't be counted. my facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/kayleighpeacockyoungmayor/

All money will go towards The Joshua Lancaster Foundation.

This was set up after a 3 year old boy unfortunately lost his life to a rare form of cancer, his parents are now working endlessly to raise as much money as possible for patients with cancer and terminal illnesses and also their families The money will be used initially to help ward 84 at the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital , The Panda Unit at Salford royal and Francis House.

Nothing can prepare you for the utter heartbreak you feel when hearing the words "your child has cancer". Cancer at 3 years old, he's barely been in the world long enough to know what's right and wrong and now he's faced with Cancer. They were rushed to ward 84 at Manchester Children's Hospital. He was diagnosed with Hepatocellular Carcinoma, a form of rare Cancer. A disease this isn't usually found until adolescence, not only in his Liver, but it had also spread to both Kidneys. This has never been seen before, there are no cases or reports ever been logged in the world of this condition. How? Their little boy was NEVER ill up until 2 weeks before diagnosis he was always perfectly happy. His battle didn't last long, the disease was too aggressive and spread too fast to even give them a chance. 4 weeks later on the Morning of 18th November, their beautiful boy took his very last breath in his mummy and daddy's arms whilst they sang lullaby's and told him how much they loved him. He gained his Angel wings leaving behind a hole in their hearts that will never be filled

If you would like to read joshua's story and see what his family and friends are doing please go to: www.thejoshualancasterfoundation.org

I hope that you'll all make a donation towards this raffle and I wish all those taking part the best of luck

Joshua Lancaster Foundation

Joshua was a young child diagnosed with a very form of cancer and the charity was set up in his memory to benefit others.

How you can help.....

Kayleigh is asking that all drivers sign a book which will then be raffled off to raise funds for this great cause. Over the next few meetings we will have the book available and ask for your support. 


11 May 2018

Stoke and Belle Vue Bookings

If you haven't already, please book in for both Stoke on 26th and Belle Vue on 28th May.

Both should be excellent meetings with the racing surface getting better and Belle Vue especially good last time out. Stoke is the American Connections which is a multiplyer so great for the lower graders. Belle Vue is both a NCqr & WYqr so a perfect opportunity to get some valuable points. Time permitting we will have 4 races both days.


9th May 2018


Skegness Weekend Information

Sponsored by Finns Coffee Lounge

Saturday 12th May (NCqr & WYqr)


Pit gate opens: 12noon

Paid practice: 1.30pm - 4.30pm (£20)

Free practice: 5pm - 5.30pm

Drivers brief: 5.35 SHARP (all drivers and one reprasentative MUST attend)

First race: 6pm

Sunday 13th May (Skegness Open)

Pit gate opens: 9am

First race: 12noon


There is a new system in place for drivers and free representative to sign in and you must go to the pit office to get your wristband (remember you licence)


You are free to stay in the pits for the weekend but park as instructed by the Marshalls. Whilst we appreciate that this is a social weekend, Skegness raceway have reminded us that that we also need to respect others, the facilities have been upgraded at significant cost and we trust that you will treat the stadium with respect. There will be no ball games or cycles permitted and dogs must be kept on a lead at all times within the stadium (please clean up), put your rubbish in the bins and not on the floor or take it home with you. It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to drink and any driver spotted or reported will be loaded and refused racing.


There will be a lot of cars in the pits and spectators, so please be aware and keep the speed low speed when manoeuvring.


Finally have a great time but please remember that whilst there will be a late disco and bar, some teams may wish to get some sleep.


For further information visit www.skegness-raceway.info



4 May 2018

Belle Vue, Monday 7th May.

Pit gate opens 12.30pm

First Race 3.30pm

Sponsored by NFR


30 April 2018

Bank Holiday Monday

So with us loosing Mildenhall to the weather, can we get a record number of bookings for Belle Vue? If your missing your shale fix, book in with Amanda for a Bank Holiday spectacular.


28 April 2018



due to bad weather and track conditions.

Hopefully this will be rescheduled.

Sorry for any inconvenience. 

25 April 2018


Weekend Timings

Kings Lynn Saturday 28th April (NCqr & Stock Car Journal)

Sponsored by: RJP Construction

  • Pit gate opens -  3pm


  • Drivers brief 4.45pm


  • First race -  5.15pm



in addition to the NMSC rules on no shows, Trackstar operate a policy that if you do not honour your booking and have not cancelled prior to the meeting start you will be liable for a £25 fine before you will be permitted a further booking. This is outside of NMSC control. 


Teams may travel to Mildenhall after the meeting and stay in the pits (please park suitably in rows to save you being moved early on Sunday morning)


Mildenhall Sunday 29th April (NCqr)   ****** CANCELLED  *******


Sponsored by: Team Streets #282


  • Drivers brief - 11.30am


  • First race -  12 noon


This will be a busy meeting with six formulas so your co-operation on being ready is essential and early arrival for scrutineering etc would be appreciated.





It has been noted that numerous drivers are not wearing their Raceceiver prior to the meeting, can you please ensure that you have them on at least 1hr prior to the meeting start so that we can communicate.





21 April 2018


Engine sealing


We are this year changing the procedure for engine sealing to save time on race days.

All engines will be sealed at the earliest opportunity, should  post race scrutineering be undertaken then this will be conducted as required. If any engine were to fail scrutineering (hopefully not!) then we can go to the next position in that race and random engines can easily be checked.

Should you need to undertake any work on your engine that requires the removal of the seal, then this is permitted but you must inform the BoC for permission prior. Failure to do this will immediately deem your car to be illegal. Should a engine check be required then this must be completed prior to any removal of the seal or remedial work.

A new seal will be fitted at the next meeting.

To assist with this process, can you please ensure that the engine is drilled to take the seals as per the rulebook.


Weekend Timings


Buxton Gold Cup, (Sponsored by Altringham Skip Hire)


Pit gate opens: 9am


Practice: from approximately 10am


First race:1pm



13.April 2018


Weekend Timings

Saturday - Birmingham


Ministox will be parked in the lower pit area (bottom car park), Please park as close as possible.

Paid Practice : 1.30 - 4pm

Free Practice for Minis is 4.35 - 4.50pm

Mini Drivers Briefing (In your pits)  5.00pm

Meeting starts at 5.45 with Ministox Heat 1


Drivers may stay overnight in the Upper Pit ie. above the Holding area.


Teams must not travel to Hednesford overnight and we request that you do NOT arrive any earlier than 9.30am as this can easily cause congestion on the hill.  Any drivers arriving overnight or early will NOT be allowed to race as this causes usus immense problems with residents and then the Council. WE trust you respect these requests


Sunday - Hednesford

Pit Gate open at 10.00am - Mini's will be in top pits (above the pit slope).

Please remember the strict rule regarding turning left halfway down the pit slope when you drive to join the track.

There is NO practice available for any drivers.

Drivers briefing 12.15, any non attendees WILL miss their first heat.

Meeting commences at 1pm, with Ministox



10 April 2018


Results of the Re-vote for a Maximum Compression Value 

On Wednesday, 4th April the votes were verified and counted; Paul Gerrard of the ORCi acted as the returning officer, Sophie Clark of the BSCDA acted as counting officer and Andy Barnard of the NMSC acted as witness. 

Prior to the opening of any envelopes and count, the rules for the vote were checked and verified and it was concluded by the acting officials that two email votes should be excluded as they were not returned in the correct manner, nor should any votes be accepted from drivers who had not competed in 8 meetings or 15 over the last 2 seasons. It was also concluded that there must be a minimum of 15 valid votes to progress the count. 

19 votes were returned of which 2 votes were returned via email, so 17 votes returned in the correct manner. 

No envelopes were opened prior to the evening and they were opened by the returning officer and passed directly to the counting officer and this was witnessed. Three votes were excluded as the teams had not competed in sufficient meetings. 

The result was:

Incorrectly returned - 2 votes 

Not valid - 3 votes

In Favour -  7 votes 

Against - 7 votes

Therefore it has been concluded by the returning and counting officers that there were insufficient valid votes, Whilst secondary, there was also no clear majority either way, therefore the vote is null and void and the rule stays as per the current rulebook with no pending changes.

This concludes the revote. 

Andy Barnard

NMSC Chairman



7 April 2018

Birmingham, Saturday 14th April 2018, NCqr, W&Y qr & qualifying heats for Sheepy Farm Services Trophy

Hednesford, Sunday 15th April, NCqr & last chance qualifying for Sheepy Farm Services Championship Final.

This is a combined meeting of heats on Saturday followed by further heats on Sunday and a feature final. THERE IS NO FINAL ON SATURDAY.

Timings will be published next week.

Teams will be permitted to stay in the top pits at Birmingham but please DO NOT TRAVEL TO HEDNESFORD as there are council restrictions in place on the approach road. Please co-operate with the promoter and respect their neighbours. Any teams spotted and reported for breaching this request will be refused admission.


Thomas Dunne

We would like to wish Thomas a speedy recovery following his unfortunate accident at Northampton and look forward to seeing him back racing soon.


26 March 2018


Weekend Information 


Skegness (Friday 30th March) 

Pit gate opens 12 noon

Paid practice: 2- 4.30pm  (Licenced drivers racing that day £20) 

Free practice: 5-30pm

First race: 6.30pm

Kindly sponsoed by Armstrong Agricultural #112




Great Yarmouth (Sunday 1st  April)

Free practice: 4-30pm

First race: 5.30pm  

Drivers Briefing: 4pm 

Kindly sponsoed by MJS Recovery




Northampton (Monday 2nd April)

Pit gate opens 10.30am

Free practice: 12-30pm 

First race: 1.30pm

Kindly sponsoed by Spedeworth/Incarace




Travel Information

You are welcome to travel to Great Yarmouth and stay in the pits after Skegness but can you please let us know if you wish to do this as we need to arrange for the pit gate to be opened (Toilets and water will be available). Free entry has been arranged into the Greyhound racing at Great Yarmouth on Saturday 31st March by production of your ORCI licience.

After the meeting at Great yarmouth you can travel to Northampton and stay in the pits.





20 March 2018



From Fridayth at Skegness we will be permanently changing Raceceiver channel, you will need to retune your raceceiver to channel 550. This is due to more formulas now using raceceivers and clashing channels.

It is also advisable to ensure that the squelch feature is turned on so as to  minimise any interference, to do this press the two bottom buttons simultaneously and you will see the squelch symbol appear in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

A battery should last about 20hrs but remember to remove it after use as they will drain in the unit even if its switched off.


Fixture update

The meeting scheduled to take place at Stoke on Saturday 7th April has had to be moved to Sunday 8th April due to speedway commitments. All bookings have been transferred but if you need to cancel, please contact Amanda ASAP.





19 March 2018 





The National Ministox club are pleased to announce that Madcowie Productions will be extending its offerings into the Minis. 'National Ministox - the Official Game' will launch on 1st July 2018 and will run in a very similar manner to the popular Saloons Unleashed game. It will feature some nice links to the club and is set to be  as popular as the others in the series

Founder of the Madcowie productions, Stuart Cowie has agreed a sponsorship deal with the National Ministox starting with the British Championship at Belle Vue to coincide with the launch.
The game to start with will feature 16 minis and all the current tracks from 2016 plus a couple of extras.
Registered teams will be able to apply with the potential of having there cars included in the game the following year.
More news will follow on this game right here in the next couple of weeks.






18 March 2018

As you are aware Belle Vue is going ahead, we appreciate that the weather may be different in your home town to Manchester, so we are trying to establish details as to which teams are going and which are not.

If you are NOT planning on attending, can you please cancel with Amanda in the normal way ASAP please? We will require your full cooperation today as unfortunately some of the BoC are unable to get there.


Confirmation from Startrax that the meeting is on today. Local area is clear of snow.


16 March 2018


Easter Weekend


For any teams that are planning to race at Skegness and then travel over to Great Yarmouth we have arranged that you may travel either Friday or Saturday and stay in the pits at Great Yarmouth Stadium. (There will be toilets available and water but no showers) We have also arranged free admission for any teams to the Greyhound racing on Saturday evening by presenting your log book upon entry.


Why not have an evening of entertainment in the fully heated resteraunt and have a meal or even book a private box for you visit (book direct with the stadium).


Once you have finished racing on the Sunday, you are welcome to travel over to Northampton and again stay in the pits.


If you are planning on travelling on Friday after Skegness, can you let Andy know please as we have to arrange for the pit gate to be opened.


Also if you wish to race, can you book in with Amanda ASAP please (REMEMBER YOU MUST BOOK IN FOR ALL MEETINGS 2 WEEKS PRIOR TO THE MEETING otherwise you will start at the back of your grade).



March 2018

Fixture list amendment

The National Ministox will NO longer feature at King's Lynn on Sunday 5th August, the County Bridge trophy race will now move to Aldershot on Sunday 26th August.

An amended fixture list is now on the fixtures page and is available for download via the link


4 March 2018 

Dates for diary


2018 AGM - Sunday 18th November 2018, The Great Bar Hotel, Walsall


2018 Awards - Saturday 2nd February 2019, West Midlands Golf Club, Barston





Following the recent decision to have a revote on one of the proposals from the AGM, please find some email correspondence from Paul Gerrard of the ORCi that he has asked us to publish so that you can see the reasoning behind the decision.


Also several teams have now contacted me as chairman, asking what the implications of such a change are to them, now its not mine or the BoC's place to advise on how this will affect you as the outcome may be different for each team. Alarmingly I have also received a call from a team this morning stating that they are being pressured to vote a particular way, this is not acceptable  and our advice is DO YOUR RESEARCH, talk to your own engine builder, the proposer and other teams to get a full and balanced picture, prior to making your OWN decision and vote appropriately. There is plenty of time so no need to make a rush decision.


Andy Barnard

NMSC Chairman



Email correspondence via Paul Gerrard


Name withheld


Thank you for your email, which I have now been able to take time to answer confidently.


As you are aware, whilst I understand the basics, I am not at a very high technical level, so I have taken advice from outside of the NMSC, because I did base my decision on what the NMSC had said.


The original proposal as per the AGM Minutes was :

"Limit the amount that the cylinder head can be machined to raise the compression either by a minimum thickness (to be researched and discussed) or by outlawing the alteration of the oilway feeding through the cylinder head which would stop excessive machining of the head face as it would blow through the oilway.


The amended proposal was based around a maximum compression via CC which would be established during the 2018 season.


Having investigated the details, I have re-confirmed (as reported to me when this problem was highlighted), that the two proposals are indeed different, as whilst in essence they both are intended to control the compression ratio, they have different implications in respect of other parts of the engine, which may not have been known nor were not made aware on the night when the proposal was amended.


On the above basis, the proposal as it ended up amended (which I totally concur that I and the committee agreed with at the time) is not the same and therefore I concluded that it had been unfair allowing a vote to be taken at the time purely because the proposal was different rather than at the time as we thought, it was just worded differently and meant the same.

Ultimately therefore, to make it totally fair, a new vote should be taken, as certain people may well have attended the AGM if the proposal was stated then as it is now.


When the query was raised with me, there was an initial consideration to just cancel the decision altogether (rightly or wrongly) but I proposed a re-vote in conjunction with the Chairman as we both consider that was the best way forward from a challenged position.


All of my decisions are based around fairness, indeed you commented on the work I have already put in; it is not about causing conflict in any way and indeed if the proposal as it is now is what teams want, then they will vote positively towards it and the proposal will be carried and we can then look towards a suitable way forward in terms of investigations and potential future implementation.


I do value your comments as an experienced oval racer and parent very much and totally respect your views, but sometimes I feel that you consider that these decisions are made so personally against you.


Let the members decide and then they should all be singing from the same hymn sheet.


I will ask NMSC to publish the main details of this reply, so that all concerned are aware of the situation and full confirmation of the reasons behind the re-vote decision.


Kind Regards


Paul Gerrard

ORCi Secretary




Good morning Paul,

I am struggling to understand how the proposal for a compression limit that was unanimously passed 13 to 5 by the mini teams and you said would be a "no brainer" when it came to orc approval has now been allowed to go to a re vote. As for the proposal wording changing, it was the committees engine expert that came up with the wording change! Which incidentally meant exactly the same thing just a different way of saying it, talk about come up with a loophole. This is the very thing that causes people to call the NMSC corrupt. I am really surprised and disappointed you have allowed this to happen given the way you have chaperoned the club in the last few years to ensure correctness and fairness following the fiascos of the past. If something gets carried at an agm by club members as is the constitution of the club, then ratified by the ORC how can it be overturned by the committee? you surely sensed the disgruntlement amongst members at the agm, which Andy addressed at the start. This move will only fuel the fire and ultimately create more hassle dropped at your door again. I appeal for you to step in and tell the committee to revert back to that correct decision from the agm so we can get a sub committee formed as you advised and tackle this in a fair and correct manner for the future.

Can you see my point?

Name withheld 



2 March 2018


The Futures bright


As we look to start the season, early indications are that we are in for a bumper year.  At time of writing we have all but 3 of our regular drivers licensed and a stunning 23 new drivers either registered or set to start throughout the year.  Looking through the records, this is the highest number of new drivers in one season in the club's history so something must be right. With a  lot of teams retiring last season, this year is wide open and we are sure to get some new names on the silverware. 

OK the weather has played its part in disrupting this weekend's meetings and practice sessions around the country but the season should hopefully kick off on the 10th at Stoke for a N&M qualifying round, so if you planning on racing, please book in with Amanda as at this moment in time we only have 12 cars.





If you are planning on racing at the MANN CONSTRUCTION sponsored IoM Sword of State event, we suggest you book in early. We are once again staying at the football club in Onchan which is conveniently located within walking distance of the town and track. 

They have this year upgraded the showers and we are in the process of trying to organise electric hook up (small charge), transporters and tents are permitted.

This year we share the site with the Micro F2's and with, in the region of 25 of them traveling over, the site will be buzzing and should be a great social event which is what the visit is as much about as the racing.

We have once again negotiated a good travel deal with Sally at IoM Events so please contract her for a quote. You cannot book direct with the site or just turn up.

Travel money is once again available but we need to get our bookings in early as with the increase in formulas and teams, money needs to be finalised with IoM tourism otherwise we run the risk of not being allocated sufficient.


IoM Events 01624 664460




27 February 2018


New Drivers

There is availability for new driver assessments on Wednesday 7th March at Birmingham Wheels. Should you wish to book then contact Paul Gerrard on 0121 357 7328. PLEASE REMEMBER, YOU MUST HAVE UNDERGONE AN ORCi ASSESSMENT PRIOR TO BEING PERMITTED TO TAKE PART AT A RACE MEETING.


We currently have 2 spaces available on Wednesday 7th at Birmingham Wheels for technical assessments, please contact Andy to book a place.

Inside weight

The club have now purchased a new set of scales for the introduction of the inside weight rule, these come with a certificate of calibration.


These scales will be available at Hednesford practice on Sunday 4th March for anyone to who wants to have their car checked.

The rule is 51.5% inside weight with the driver and all equipment plus a 1% tolerance so 52.5% is your maximum limit. Please remember the overall car weights also need to be adhered to are in the rulebook.

We plan to also have the scales available at Birmingham practice on Wednesday 7th March.



Licences and rulebooks have now been posted out, sorry for the delay, if you have applied and not received yours by the end of the week, can you please let Amanda know.


Booking In

The season is fast approaching and we are already being asked by a promoter for bookings. You should book in at least 2 weeks prior to a meeting. If its easier you can block book for all or a group of meetings, just remember to cancel if you cannot race.

On this occasion we will accept bookings until Friday 2nd March after which normal rules apply.

Please book in by Email or text (contact details in rulebook) We do not accept bookings or communication via social media.




26 February 2018

The Stoke practice has been postponed, a rescheduled date will be released in due course.


24 February 2018

Practice Day - Buxton Raceway  11th March 10am 



Buxton Raceway are pleased to announce that we will be running a Practice day this season. This takes place on Sunday 11th March from 10am till 4pm.

This is due to popular demand to bring the practice day back so we hope to have good numbers and a wide variety of formulas taking part.

Booking in is essential for this event as you know Buxton is limited to the amount of events it runs a year and we have given a date to do this due to drivers requests so please support it.

Prices for this are just £25 per car per day, with spectators FREE.

Book in via nik@buxtonraceway.com 

Nik Eastwood
Office Administrator
Buxton Raceway
Whaley Bridge
High Peak
SK23 7UW
Tel/ Fax; 01663 732526
Email; nikeastwood@buxtonraceway.com
Web: www.buxtonraceway.com 


16 February 2018


Following the 2017 AGM the following rules have been changed, amended or clarified for the 2018 season, please pay particular attention and ensure you are familiar with these changes along with the other rules and regulations of competing in the National Ministox to save any issues.

Rule Numbers:

3      5      33d     33h     38      43     

63     68     69      72      78      81 

82     99     100     101     104     105

108    109    111     113     114     116

122    128    131     137     150     157

158    164    167     169     170     Appendix 5 



National Ministox Rule Book 2018.pdf




13 February 2018

A practice day will be available at Northampton Raceway tomorrow 14th February should anyone wish to attend.


2 February 2018 

Practice Days

Skegness Stadium                     Sunday 25th February

Birmingham Wheels                   Sunday 25th February

Stoke Raceway         **POSTPONED***  Saturday 3rd March *****

Hednesford Raceway                   Sunday 4th March


Weekly Northampton practice days commence on Wednesday 21st February with Birmingham weekly evening practices commencing on Wednesday 28th February.


Please check direct with the promotion concerned prior to travel.


Meeting Sponsors Update

We have had a few come forward so many thanks to those but we currently have over 2/3rds of our meetings that we don't have sponsorship for. Our drivers only race for trophies and the size and quality that we have become accustomed too is through the very kind support of yourselves. We desperately want to continue to reward our drivers with quality trophies so your support would be very much appreciated. If you can help then can you let Amanda or Andy know ASAP please?


Ladies Race  


We have now collated all of the sponsorship money from the Ladies race held at Northampton Raceway last year and I'm pleased to say that you raised a fantastic amount of money for two great causes. The final figure was a staggering £2003.84 which was equally split between Breast Cancer Care and Fords Care. Well done and thank you to everyone concerned and off course our winner Helen Witts.


New Drivers

Any new drivers to the formula are required to undertake an ORCi Competence test prior to racing, this can be arranged direct with Paul Gerrard of the ORCi, Tel 0121 357 7328.

New cars

All new car must to go through a technical inspection prior to racing, all technical scrutineering must be booked via the chairman and you cannot just turn up to a meeting as the resources will not be in place.




29 January 2018

Meeting Sponsors

Once again we are requesting your help in supporting our drivers. We want to again supply nice trophies to our fantastic young talent.

If you can help with sponsoring a meeting, then your support would be very much appreciated.

Please get in touch with either Andy or Amanda asap. 


23 January 2018

2017 Awards Evening, West Midlands Golf Club

What a fantastic night we had….. The people arrived looking stunning, the evening started with a great meal followed by a celebration of the achievements of our superbly talented drivers, followed by dancing into the early hours.

Our thanks as a club must go to the sponsors, without whom we would simply not have the quality of trophies and awards to present to our drivers, its very much appreciated, so this year we say thanks to:

J Davidson Scrap Metal, Tom Harris Motorsport, Team Robson, DJT Surfacing, Southam Mini Metro Centre, Sheaf Skips, Armstrong Agricultural, Grays Commercials, Ray Witts Transport, JBS Commercials, Team Streets, Team Cavanagh, AJ Auto Services/Playground Developments, Motorglaze, Team Hamstead, Evans Auto's Limited, RJP Construction, MS Agricultural Services, GSN/Protech Shock Absorbers, Incarace, Midland Sports Media, Michelle's Mini Points Page, Dewhurst's Trophies, I & S Logs, Benson Car & Commercial, MW Fabrications, Mann Construction, Star Services, Lewis Taylor Racing, Sheepy Farm Services, Altringham Skip Hire

Then we come to the raffle prizes and again our thanks go out to;

Redline Racing, Ray Witts Transport, Midland Sports Media, Team Stansfield, Southam Mini Metro Centre, TMR, GSN/Protech Shock Absorbers

So, onto the awards and our 2017 recipients were;

Best Turned out Car   Elexie Bartrum #293

Racing for Fun   Molly Robson #267

American Connections   Gilen Bullock #101

Buxton Gold Cup   Charlie Guinchard #183

Buxton Enduro   Jack Witts #180

County Bridge   Lewis Evans #392

Dave Prince   Leah Sealy #475

Driver of the Day   Lewis Evans #392

East Coast Champion   Josh Hamstead #405

Golden Helmet   Jack Witts #180

Kings Lynn Open   Charlie Guinchard #183

Kev Sutton   Finn Sargent #798

Midland Champion   Charlie Guinchard #183

Action Person   Jack Witts #180

NMSC Merit Award   Jackson Whitehead #330

Northern & Midland Champion   Jack Witts #180

Northern Champion   Lewis Evans #392

Most Improved Driver   Rebecca Smith #391

Most Promising Driver   Ryan Taylor & Leah Sealy #84/475

Youngest Driver   Finn Hunter Johnson #120

Queen of Shale   Catherine Harris #8

Queen of Tarmac   Chloe Serpell #613

Queen of Chaos   Ella McAfee & Sharlotte Lewis #17/193

King of Tarmac   Lewis Evans #392

King of Shale   Lewis Evans #392

King of Chaos   George Davis #281

Ladies Race   Helen Witts

NMSC Perseverance Award   Gilen Bullock & Lucy Shaw #101/361

AV Perseverance Award   Amelia Wilkinson #287

Race Master   Charlie Guinchard #183

Reach for the Stars   Tom Birchenough #211

Novice of the Year   Ryan Taylor #84

Incarace Gold Cup   Catherine Harris #8

Skegness Open   Lewis Evans #392

Stock Car Journal   Charlie Guinchard #183

UK Challenge   Charlie Sworder #152

Sheepy farm Services   Charlie Guinchard #183

Yorkshire Shield   Roger Stansfield #53

Northampton Championship   Rebecca Smith #391

The Broken Crankshaft   Tomson Streets #282

Protech Challenge   Jack Witts #180

Venray Open   Jenson Brickley #246

Sword of State   Tyrone Evans #381

Whites & Yellows Champion   Leah Sealy #475

World of Shale   Lewis Evans #392

European Champion   Jack Witts #180

British Champion   Catherine Harris #8

Midland Sports Media Merit award   Finn Sargent #798

Midland Sports Media RAC Recovery Award   Molly Robson #267

Belle Vue Track Championship   Catherine Harris #8

Birmingham Track Championship   Jack Witts #180

Buxton Track Championship   Jack Witts #180

Great Yarmouth Track Championship   Finn Sargent #798

Hednesford Track Championship Charley   Tomblin #290

Ipswich Track Championship   Lewis Evans #392

Kings Lynn Track Championship   Charlie Guinchard #183

Northampton Track Championship   Tyrone & Lewis Evans #381/392

Sheffield Track Championship   Lewis Evans #392

Skegness Track Championship   Lewis Evans #392

Stoke Track Championship   Catherine Harris #8

Novice Grade Award   Henry Robson & Ryan Taylor #67/84

White Grade Award   Ella McAfee #17

Yellow Grade Award   Leah Sealy & Dani Parker #475/630

Blue Grade Award   Rebecca Smith #391

Red Grade Award   Jenson Brickley #246

Blue Chip Distinction   Rebecca Smith #391

National Points 4th place   Tyrone Evans #381

National Points 3rd place   Finn Sargent #798

National Points 2nd place   Jack Witts #180

National Points 1st Place   Lewis Evans #392

National Champion (Gold Top)   Jack Witts #180/1

Finally, a massive thank you to Dave Goddard for once again hosting the event, Adam Joyce for presenting the trophies, Henny Harrhy and her team for a fantastic venue Jake Harrhy for keeping everyone on the dancefloor all night and Martin Fitzgerald for once again capturing the memories which can be found on MSF Stoxpics facebook page or follow the link below:

 MSF Stoxpics Ministox Awards Night 


Andy Barnard

NMSC Chairman 


19 January 2018


                Awards Evening

Just a quick reminder, the event opens at 6pm for pre dinner drinks.

Dinner will be served at 6.30pm followed by awards and raffle then dance the night away until 1am.

Dress to impress and remember no jeans or T-shirts.

If you would like to donate a raffle prize then it would be very much appreciated.

See you there. 


3 January 2018

Please see attached review of 2017:

2017 Season Review 


24 December 2017

Please see Rulings Page for confirmation of the rule changes from the 2017 AGM.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


       Best wishes to all for 2018 


21 December 2017 


There is a practice day available at Birmingham Wheels on Thursday 28th December, 2pm - 8pm, the cost is £25 per driver.

Please check the Incarace website for updates prior to travelling.


13 December 2017

Annual Trophies

Can any team that has any annual trophies please return them to Amanda by Friday 22nd December, she will be at the AGM if you wish to return them in person.

2018 Licence

Licence application forms are now available to download and complete (note; early bird discount) 

Licence Application Form 2018 


8 December 2017

Awards Night

Tickets MUST be ordered and paid for prior to 16th December.

Unfortunately after this date it will be too late.

Currently there are a significant number of teams that have not ordered or have not yet paid.


2 December 2017

Awards Night 

Could you order your tickets with Amanda as soon as possible please, we need to confirm final numbers on 16th December after which time it will be too late to book.

For anyone who has booked already, tickets will be brought to the AGM otherwise they will be posted. 


Christmas meeting @ Stoke


As you are aware the date has been rescheduled to New Years Eve, unfortunately we have insufficient cars to run this event, we have also not received any volunteers to run the meeting, therefore the National Ministox have withdrawn from this event.


2017 AGM

Please find copy of the Agenda and Rule Proposals for the AGM on 14th December. 

2017 AGM agenda and rule proposals.pdf 


30 November 2017

Awards Night - please note, the email on Awards Ticket Order should be:



26 November 2017 

Meeting Update

As some of you may be aware by now the Christmas meeting at Stoke has been moved again and will now take place on New Years Eve with a start time of 12 noon.

Some have already expressed that they can no longer attend....

Can you please confirm your attendance by Wednesday 29th with Amanda so that we can gauge interest and make a decision.

We also need to make you aware that we have no committee members available for this meeting so we will need volunteers.

Awards Night

Don't forget to order tickets. This can now be done by completing the order form and either emailing or posting to Amanda.

Payment can be made via a cheque or by bank transfer.

All information on the order form.


16 November 2017


National Ministox AGM

Apologies for the late response in getting this too you, due to various reasons we are struggling to find an appropriate date for the AGM but do appreciate as per the rulebook needs to take place in November or December, so with this in mind  we have selected:

Thursday 14th December, 7pm 

The Great Barr Hotel, Pear Tree Drive, Newton Road, Great Barr, Walsall, B43 6HS.

Whilst we accept that a weekend would have probably been more suitable , this is the only logistical date that can be accommodated. 

A rule proposal form is available for download from the website and must be completed in full and returned to Amanda by Sunday 26th November

Only rule proposals received before this date will be put for discussion and after careful consideration voting will take place by secret ballot on the day, rather than a show of hands. 

The venue has been selected due to its central location and motorway accessibility but unfortunately does not have any facilities either at the hotel or in the surrounding area for our younger members, so it's advisable that drivers don't attend unless they wish to be part of the meeting.

Rule Proposal Form 






Gala Night, Birmingham Wheels

Saturday 18th November

Northern & Midland Championship Final

Sponsor : I & S Logs

Start Time : 4.45pm sharp

Paid Practice : 1.30pm - 4pm (no free practice)

This meeting is going to be extremely busy so if you're intending on racing then you must book in. We will be in the bottom car park so you will need to work with the marshalls and park appropriately as pit space will be very tight, there will be no reserving of spaces.

Please Note : Birmingham City are playing at home with a 3pm kick off so the surrounding area could be busy and the car park (our pits) will be in use by the Drift Cars until 1pm

Annual Trophies

If you have any annual trophies, can you please return them so that we can get them engraved and prepared for the Awards Night.

Awards Night

If you are planning on attending, can you please return your order form ASAP, Gala Night is the last chance to do it in person, as a club we must confirm final numbers and pay balance by 16th December, after which date it will be too late.




Winner of the 2017 World Of Shale Championship #392 Lewis Evans


Winner of the 2017 Northampton Championship #391 Rebecca Smith


Winner of the Whites & Yellows Championship 2017 #475 Leah Sealy


26 October 2017


We had an issue earlier in the week with the website so apologies.
If you have been regraded, you do not have to rush to get your roof changed for the weekend but you will start in your new grade.


Birmingham, Saturday 28th October


Paid practice: 2pm - 4.30pm
Start Time: 5.45pm Whites & Yellows Championship final
Sponsor: Dave Goddard , Midland Sports Media
We are in the bottom overspill pits so will need to be escorted up & down to track to comply with H & S restrictions.


Northampton, Sunday 29th October


No practice
Start time 1pm
Fireworks straight after meeting




23 October 2017

Congratulations to Jack Witts on winning the inaugural Protech Challenge Trophy.

Our thanks to Alistair Neilson of GSN for making the long journey down from Scotland to present the trophies and also Kevin Lockwood (Managing Director) of Protech for making this event possible.

Should anyone require any parts, servicing or repairs then contact Alistair on 07718 572047 for a fast and friendly service.


16 October 2017

Buxton 22nd October 


Protech Challenge Final, dont forget to play your Joker if you haven't already, you must present your Joker to Amanda before the start of the first race otherwise it will not be counted.

This meeting is also the last Northern & Midland qualifier before the championship final at Birmingham.

Start time 12 noon.

Practice from approximately 10 am.

Meeting kindly sponsored by GSN & Protech Shock Absorbers.

NOTE: There is NO meeting at Stoke on Saturday 21st October.


12 October 2017

Skegness 14th October

Final Whites and Yellows Qualifying Round

Start time 6pm

Sponsored by Grays Commercials #124


11 October 2017

Important Fixtures Update

The meeting scheduled for 21st October at Stoke has been cancelled due to speedway commitments.

The National Ministox have been cancelled from Belle Vue on 12th November due to pit space and time issues. The World of Shale will now move to Belle Vue on 5th November and the Northern and Midland Final will move to Birmingham on 18th November.


3 October 2017

Belle Vue 8th October

2018 World Championship Qualifier

This is a Covstox promoted meeting so your support would be very much appreciated.

Start time 3.30pm

Sponsor - Tom Harris Motorsport


2 October 2017

Message from Steve Rees 

Thank you to all teams that raced in appalling conditions on Saturday at Stoke but then went on to make the effort to race on Sunday, your support was appreciated.


There were issues with the transponder system at both Stoke and Sheffield so any results are as the stewards report, full official results will be posted on the website soon.


29 September 2017

Stoke Saturday 30th September N & M qr   Start Time 4pm

With a massive entry of cars, the pits will be busy so don't be late.

Sheffield, Sunday 1st October, start time 4pm

Meeting Sponsor - Sheaf Skips #101/110/418

Late start due to traffic congestion from football, you are advised not to get there before 1pm at the earliest. NOTE: with only two formulas this going to be an extremely quick turn around between races.


26 September 2017

National Championship 

Post race checks have now been completed and we are pleased to announce that the top 3 have been confirmed as:

1st - Jack Witts #180

2nd - Lewis Evans #392

3rd - Catherine Harris #8



22 September 2017


Buxton 24th September 2017, the Gold Rush Finals!


It's almost Raceday, with only 48hrs to go, this meeting is shaping up to be a bumper event.


A massive entry of 39 National Ministox along with 42 Rebels, 42 V8 Hotstox and 26 Open Rods,  meaning that this is an event not to be missed….


Who will take GOLD in the GRAYS COMMERCIALS Sponsored event?...You've gotta be there to find out.


Pit gate opens 8.30am (it's going to be very busy with almost 150 cars, so work with the marshals please, THERE WILL BE NO RESERVING OF SPACES)


Spectator gate opens from 10.30am


Non qualifiers practice from 10am


Meeting starts 1pm

All for the bargain price of Adults: £15, OAP: £13.00, Children: 9 - 15yrs £6, ( Under 8yrs Free)

Trackside Parking: £6



Don't forget there's a drivers team get together on Saturday from 6pm, BBQ & Music, Pit gate opens 4pm and shuts at 9pm, so come down and avoid rushing on Sunday morning.


Music and bar shuts 11pm, STRICTLY NO NOISE AFTER.


Please make sure you have read the Gold Top communication email and checks the updates on website.



20 September 2017

Message from Nigel de Kock H525

Hello Everybody

Thanks for a superb night at Ipswich, Nigel had a blast and is still smiling.

See you all soon

Regards from John and the rest of big deal racing.


19 September 2017

The build up starts.... with over 135 cars now booked in, its going to be great, 4 formulas, 3 championships....... 

Don't forget to have your engine predrilled for sealing. You need 2 head studs and 2 in flywheel cover at least 2" apart or 2 flywheel bolts.

Remember to arrange for someone to take you on parade lap (need overalls)



Please see Booking Page for drivers entered, kindly sponsored by



15 September 2017

Ipswich 16th September

First mini race 5.50pm, meeting action

F1 practice from 12.30pm

NOTE : there will not be any practice for minis.

Overseas F1 time trials from 3.30pm

Plenty of time to watch F1's between our races.

Please arrive early to allow for scrutineering and remember the meeting will be very busy so you may have to queue to get in.

Trophies kindly sponsored by Spedeworth Motorsports.


14 September 2017

Buxton 24th September

NMSC National Championship (Gold Top) Sunday 24th September

Start time 1pm

Pit gate opens 8.30am (all qualifiers and reserves must be there by 9am)

Teams can travel night before for BBQ and party (gate open 4pm - 9pm)

Meeting Sponsors - Gray Commercials #124


8 September 2017




Following a BoC meeting, the issue of novices potentially removing their boards too soon and losing confidence was discussed. It has been agreed that in conjunction with BoC approval a driver will be permitted to reinstate their novice boards to improve driving ability or regain confidence. Any positions will not be credited and normal novice rules will apply during this time.


I'm sure that you all agree that we must do our upmost to support our young and upcoming drivers.



7 September 2017

National Ministox racing at Ipswich 16th September - please see booking page for drivers entered. 


30 August 2017 

Buxton   Sunday  3rd September 

Whites & Yellows qualifier. If we get sufficient cars then Heat 1 will be W & Y, followed by a further 2 heats (2/3rds), Final and Grand National.

Start time 1pm.

Practice from approximately 10am


30 August 2017

The countdown has begun!........................ 



28 August 2017

Message from Venray

Please thank all the mini drivers, their parents and helpers on behalf of us all here at Raceway Venray. We had a lot of positive feedback about the weekend and we think it's all about the drivers who made the weekend great. A lot of spectators love the kids racing. So spectacular and disciplined! Great respect for all of you.

Our daughter was also very impressed about meeting the drivers when she handed over the goodie bag :-).

Cannot wait for 2018

Henri, Marrielle & the Venray Team 



25 August 2017

GOLD TOP  Buxton Sunday 24th September

We are in the final stages of organisation for this event and need to arrange the race format.

Can you please book in for this meeting if you intend to race by Monday 28th August with Amanda please?

Don't forget we have a meeting on 3rd September which will be your last chance to get any practice or car set up prior to the Gold Top Race. Please book in, if planning to race


22 August 2017

Birmingham 26th August 

Last 2017 World Championship Qualifying Round.

Whites and Yellows Qualifying Round

Start time 6pm

Heat 1, W & Y, followed by 2 further heats, feature final and Grand National (time permitting)

Thanks to Robson Racing #67/#267 for sponsoring the meeting.

Usual paid practice from approximately 2pm 


22 August 2017 

Please see attached link for photographs taken over the European Championship weekend at Venray 19/20th August 

 PEWI Speedway Venray 2017

 Photographs taken of ministox by Victor Feder

 Venray 2017 by Victor Feder 

To view all images of the weekend - search for the Pewi Speedway website and view the 'photos' - photographers have uploaded their images of the weekend, including Victor Feder who took pictures in the pits of ministox drivers. 


Congratulations to #180 Jack Witts European Champion 2017



Congratulations to #246 Jenson Brickley winner of Venray Open



11 August 2017


Revised start time for Birmingham Saturday 12th August 5.45pm



10 August 2017

Great Yarmouth tonight

Start time 7.30pm 

There will hopefully be a practice from 6.30pm.

Meeting sponsor, Southam Mini Metro Centre, #84. 


8 August 2017

Stoke, Saturday 12th August

It is with regret that we must inform you that the National Ministox have been withdrawn from this meeting. As I'm sure you understand this is an F1 meeting and priority must go to that formula and with an increased number of cars there simply isn't sufficient pit space.
However Incarace have offered to accommodate the meeting at Birmingham Wheels on Saturday.
Can you reconfirm your booking with Amanda by 5pm Wednesday and on this occasion only, should you wish to attend the late booking ruling does NOT apply. It will be a W & Y qualifying round and a national points scoring meeting.



17 July 2017

Winner of the Reach for the Stars Trophy 2017 - #211 Tom Birchenough


13 July

National Ministox are at Stoke on Saturday with a Whites & Yellows qualifier and competing for the Reach for the Stars trophy.

Meeting starts at 4.15pm sharp with W & Y Heat, drivers need to be on track at 4.10pm.

Please remember to put your racereceiver in at least 1 hr prior so that we can communicate with you.

This meeting will be extremely busy, within the region of 180 cars are booked in, so you must be ready when called as they cannot wait for you. 

Please arrive in plenty of time to allow for scrutineering and remember we don't just have you and the scrutineers also have their own cars and teams to prepare. We will try to get to you as soon as possible but please work with us. 

If anyone would like to become a scrutineer, your help would be greatly appreciated, just let Andy know.  

Please see Booking Page for drivers entered. The Reach for The Stars Trophy, won last year by #204 Kayleigh Cannell




Winner of The 2017 County Bridge Championship #392 Lewis Evans



29 June 2017


Saturday 1st July WCQR (due to the fact that the W & Y at Ipswich was unable to run, heat 1 and the remainder of the meeting will now be a W & Y round)

Gate Opens - 9.00am

Open Paid Practice 9.30am till 12.30pm - £20 per car

Gates will then close at 12.30 so we can do a sweep of the stadium.

Pit Gate opens 1.00pm

Scrutineering 1.30pm

Meeting Practice from 2.00pm till 4.30pm

Spectator Gates open at 2.30pm

Meeting starts at 5.00pm 

Drivers and teams are welcome to stay in the pits overnight, the bar will be open till late but please consider and have respect for others that wish to sleep!


Sunday 2nd July, Buxton Enduro

Don't forget to bring plenty of fuel as all races increased in length.

Gates open 9.30am

Practice 10.30am till 12.30pm

Spectator Gates Open at 10.30am

Meeting Starts at 1.00pm


Trophies are kindly supported by NMSC & Buxton Raceway 




23 June 2017

Racing at Belle Vue on Sunday for the County Bridge Championship.

Start time 3.30pm (don't be late, pits will be busy)

Meeting is kindly sponsored by UK Bunded Fuel Tanks, please see Booking Page, for drivers entered.


12 June 2017

2017 American Connections Champion #101 Gilen Bullock



5 June 2017

2017 British Champion #8 Catherine Harris


1 June 2017




SHEFFIELD 4th JUNE 2017  Start 12.30pm 

Sponsored by Ray Witts Transport ........... please see Booking Page for drivers entered.




27 May 2017

Information for the weekend.......

King's Lynne


Start time 5.15pm



Start time 1.30pm

Sponsor DJT Surfacing #68

Belle Vue

N & M QR

Start time 3.30pm

Important drivers briefing at 2.45pm (all must attend)

Sponsor Team Streets #282

Whilst we appreciate it's late, Startrax have asked if we can paint our bumpers pink as a sign of respect, we will also hopefully be providing pink ribbons for the weekend.


22 May 2017

Date for your diary.......

2017 Awards Night to be held on 20th January 2018 at West Midlands & The Lake at Barston.



21 May 2017


British Championship, Sheffield 4th June

Please can all teams book in prior to midnight tonight.  It shall be a busy meeting, with limited pit space - please let Amanda know if you are wishing to race now.


19 May 2017

There is to be a BoC meeting next week. If any registered team has any items for discussion, can they forward them in writing to Andy or Amanda by Sunday 21st May for inclusion in the Agenda.


15 May 2017

Please remember we have a meeting at Stoke on Saturday to replace the original Coventry date. - start time 5.00pm - racing for the Midland Championship, kindly sponsored by MW Fabrications.

On Sunday we are at Buxton, meeting sponsored by Sheaf Skips #101/#110/#418.

Please see Booking Page for drivers entered. 


6 May 2017

Skegness Speed Weekend, 13th and 14th May - please see 'Booking Page' for drivers entered, with thanks to Finns Coffee Lounge for sponsoring the weekend. 


24 April 2017


We have been having a lot of issues with transponders not registering on the loop.

As previously advised, filming has been taking place for Premier Sports and they now use Mylaps. The issues have prevented them from using the ministox footage so we need to resolve this issue.

We will be able to check the transponders at Northampton this weekend so can you ensure that yours is working please.

Belle Vue

Bookings should have been received by now but we have now restricted the bookings to 26 cars as we only have 3 straight races.

We currently have 2 spaces remaining on a first come basis.


22 April 2017

Racing at Sheffield tomorrow for the Yorkshire Shield.

The Grand Parade of all cars will start the meeting at 12.30pm, heat 1 drivers will remain on track.

The meeting is sponsored by Lewis Taylor Racing. Please see picture of Lewis being presented with the trophy by Frankie Wainman Jnr. Lewis went onto win the Yorkshire Shield again last year but tomorrow, as Lewis has retired from ministox, the Yorkshire Shield will have a new owner.


13 April 2017


We have a full weekend of racing this Easter, starting Good Friday at Skegness, start time 7.00pm, kindly sponsored by Armstrong Agricultural #112.

On Saturday we are at Stoke for a world championship qualifying round, start time 4.30pm, kindly sponsored by Motorglaze #361.

We complete the weekend at Belle Vue on Monday with the first round of the Protech Challenge, start time 3.30pm, kindly sponsored by Protech/GSN.    

  Protech Challenge Trophy 

 If you're playing your Protech Challenge Joker you must let  Amanda know prior to the first race and remember to keep it  secret!


6 April 2017


Birmingham - Sat 8th April

Pits Open              All Formulas       1.00pm


Paid Practice             All Formulas       1.45pm - 4.15pm

Pre-Meeting Practice        NMS            4.30pm - 4.45pm

Please note that we expect new F1 drivers to be tested within the practice sessions

Drivers Briefing           NMS             5.15pm

Ready for track           NMS             5.45pm

Meeting start             NMS             6.00pm

We will have 4 heats and each driver will race in 3.

Hednesford Hills - Sun 9th April

Gates open        10.00am

No practice available for any formula

Drivers Briefing all formulas 12.15pm on the infield

First race is 1pm for BriSCA F1 Stock Cars

2 further heats followed by feature final and all-comers.

Fuel Non return valves were included as an ORCi requirement in Oval Race formula some time ago. 
In 2016 there was a high profile case involving a Non return valve not being fitted in a particular formula that was dealt with somewhat leniently at the time given some more general issues with regards their fitting and scrutineering with the anticipation that this would be an example to raise the awareness to all drivers that a fully operational/working Non return valve MUST be fitted.
In recent weeks various investigations have revealed that drivers continue to abuse the rule from taking cars to scrutineering and then removing them or fitted and tampered with. 
From the 1st May 2017 drivers are now warned that contravention of this rule WILL result in an automatic mandatory ban under  the technical rules/ penalties  of 6 months. This applies to any driver not having a fully working non return valve fitted and/or it being tampered with in any way.
Issued ORCI 6th April 2017

Belle Vue (17th April)
Bookings are now closed,  anyone who books will now holding on a reserve list. If you are not racing then can you please ensure you cancel with Amanda please? 




1 April 2017



30 March 2017


Following the Coventry issue, we have now finished the revised fixture list.
Can you please make sure that you book in for the any of the revised dates with Amanda please?
British Championship
4th June, Sheffield, British Championship, if you are planning on racing at this meeting can you please book in ASAP as we need to get an indication of numbers due to pit space. Bookings may close early for this event.
Parking will be available at Birmingham Wheels on the Saturday evening (you may have to move from the pit are to one of the car parks)



We have been asked once again by you ladies to organise a 'Ladies Race'

The event will take place on Sunday 18th June at Northampton. No excuses now!, we have listened to all your requests, its on tarmac and its in the summer. So we've done our bit, now its upto you....

To be eligible you must not of held a racing licence of any oval formula for a period of 5 years and must be over 18 years of age.

We are going to organise official sponsorship forms and the proceeds will be split between Cancer UK and Ford's. We will also set up a 'Just Giving' page which will help and also allow us to claim 'Gift Aid'.

Drivers, please encourage your mum to have a go, its a bit of fun, nothing too serious and for two great causes.

If you can let Amanda know your interest, then we can get it organised.


24 March 2017

Car Compliance

There are still a few cars that have issues around rule compliance.

We now have a three week break, can you please check and correct anything required. The 2017 rule changes are all listed in the welcome letter you received with your licence for ease. If unsure then please contact us.



17 March 2017    



Paid practice 2.30 - 4.45pm

Free practice 5.15 - 5.30pm

Drivers briefing and draw 5.40pm sharp (all drivers MUST attend as wrist bands to race will be issued)

Drivers to be on track at 6.20pm to be grided for main race.

Skegness start 1.00pm


9 March 2017

Stoke on Saturday now has a revised start time of 4.00pm. The meeting is fully booked so if you are not on the NMSC website list, then you are not racing.

The pits are going to be extremely busy, within the region of 180 cars booked to race so please work with marshalls and park as directed, there will be no reserving of spaces.

Buxton on Sunday is a 12 noon start with practice from approximately 10.00am.

Please get to both meetings 2 hours prior to start time to allow for scrutineering.


4 March 2017

We welcome 3 new drivers to National Ministox this week - please see 'Special Mentions' for details.


As most of you are aware by now, Coventry stadium will not run in 2017.
The 1st April meeting has now been cancelled. NO other changes have yet been confirmed. 
We will update the official website with any news of changes for our other scheduled fixtures as soon as they are confirmed.
Please check the website regularly for news and updates as this is the only OFFICIAL source of National Ministox Club information.




28 February 2017


Incarace News

Following discussions with Incarace, we have secured sponsorship for a new Annual Championship trophy.

The trophy will be known as the "Incarace Gold Cup" and will run annually, it will be a closed grid made up from available drivers on the day (should there be too many drivers to enter into the race then the top 28 point scorers will be determined from heats on the day).

Drivers will then be entitled to draw a number from a hat that represents their starting position on the grid.

The inaugural running of this trophy will take place at Birmingham on Saturday 18th March.


Our thanks go to Paul Gerrard and Incarace for supporting the National Ministox.




21 February 2017

Andy is talking on Downforce Radio's Ovaltalk, tonight at 8pm (rescheduled from cancelled show)



20 February 2017

Race Bookings


Can you please start to book in for meetings with Amanda via text or email only. She will send you a reply so you know you are booked. If it's easier you can block book but please remember to cancel if you cannot attend.
Please do not try to book via Social Media
Remember, you need to book in at least 2 weeks prior to the meeting, otherwise you may not get a booking and will have to start at the rear of your grade.
The Coventry date has now been moved to Stoke on 11th March with a start time of 5pm. We expect the start time to be brought forward so check website for updates.
Due to pit space and number of formulas racing bookings may get closed so please book in early.


Scrutineering Days 

Due to a resourcing issue the planned scrutineering day at Hednesford has been rescheduled to Wednesday (evening) 1st March at Birmingham, currently one space remaining.


16 February 2017


You may be aware that Premier are to continue with coverage of the racing via a new production company called 247 TV. They will be now linked into the transponder system so it imperative that yours is working and we have your correct number. Please ensure that if you change it that you update your details with Amanda.



14 February 2017 


Licence application

If we don't receive them, you won't appear on the official grading list which will be published by Monday 20th February. 
Should you register after this date then you will be put into your appropriate grade as an additional driver but will start at the rear of that grade.


12 February 2017

New Car Scrutineering

We only have one space remaining for Birmingham on the 19th, first to book with Amanda gets it! 


11 February 2017

Please see 'Club Letters' for the details of the awards presented at our annual awards evening held last week.


7 February 2017

Tonight on Downforce Radio's Ovaltalk, Andy Barnard discusses the club and forthcoming season along with Kayleigh Cannell and also Matt about his transition from National Ministox to V8's.......tune in from 8pm, www.downforceradio.com 


3 February 2017

Please click on the link for this year's rulebook:

National Ministox Rulebook 2017 


1 February 2017


Only a few days to the Awards Night, gonna be great....... We have a fantastic venue this year so remember to dress smart and no jeans allowed.

Prizes required for raffle if you're feeling generous!


New race for 2017 


Following a very successful meeting at the recent Autosports show with Protech & GSN shocks, we have pleasure in announcing a fantastic new race.
The Annual "Protech Challenge Trophy"
Contested over 2 meetings, 1 shale and 1 tarmac (alternating yearly)
Round  1 - heats will be qualifying points  with a normal final that will not count towards main Challenge race.
Round  2 - heats will be qualifying points with the final being the main challenge race which will be closed grid order in groups of 5 drivers (1 driver from each grade (2 car gap between groups)). Highest white on pole, highest yellow outside pole etc group 2 will be 2nd highest white on pole etc.
A driver can play a joker at either track which will double the qualifying points scored (the joker is only valid for the Protech Challenge) and must be declared prior to the meeting start, the responsibility is on the driver to declare when the joker is played. The jokers will be kept confidential until the final grid is published to keep the excitement.
Our thanks go out to Kevin Lockwood of Protech and Alistair Neilson of GSN.



26 January 2017


Practice days


There will be practice sessions on the following dates:


·         Birmingham Wheels, Sunday 19th February, 1pm - 5pm, then every Wednesday evening from 1st March, 6.30pm - 9.30pm


·         Northampton, every Wednesday from 22nd March, 10am - 4pm


·         Hednesford, Sunday 26th February, 2pm - 5pm


·         Skegness, Sunday 26th February , 10am - 4pm


Details to follow of shale practice date…..


New Cars


All new cars need to be technically scrutineered before they are permitted to race. In order to facilitate the high number of new cars that are coming into play this season we have arranged for two scrutineering days:

Birmingham Wheels, Sunday 19th February and

Hednesford Raceway, Sunday 26th February

Paid practice is available at both venues. 

Please book as space is limited and we can only take 4 cars each day.




19 January 2017

Wondering what to do when you retire from Ministox?, read a recent interview from ex National Ministox drivers here: 



16 January 2017

If anyone is interested in becoming a Technical Scrutineer please would they contact Andy to discuss the role.


14 January 2017


               14 - 15 January 2017 

The Autosport Show is on this weekend at the NEC Birmingham.

Tickets and Further Details:   Autosport Show Link

We have cars on show, with thanks to Teams Gray and Evans:








12 January 2017


Thanks to everyone who has sent in their licence applications.

There is a delay in sending them out due to the rulebooks, so therefore, preventing double postage and thus protecting club funds we shall send them together. 

You don't need to worry, we will get them to you as soon as possible and before the race season.

Amanda will be sending you a confirmation text in the next few days so that you know your application has been received and processed.

Once we have all the licence applications we can publish the 2017 Grading List and the cut off for this is Saturday 18th February. If your licence application is not received by this date then you may not be on the Grading List.


If anyone has any trophies that need to be returned for the Awards Night, then can you get them to the NEC this weekend please.

Andy will be on the stand on Saturday and Mark Sargent is at the show both days near the live action arena.


10 January 2017

Please be thoughtful if you have a brand new car that it must be technically scrutineered before it can race. This must be booked in advance with Andy, please allow adequate time to arrange before wishing to race the car.

Anyone wishing to race who hasn't done so before must also complete an ORCi Driver Awareness Test, again these need to be booked in with Andy. (contact details on Board of Control page)


7 January 2017


NEC Autosport Show 12-15 January 2017 

We have two cars on show at the Birmingham NEC Autosport Show. With thanks to Team Gray and Team Evans we will have #124 Kyle Gray and #392 Lewis Evans cars on display over the weekend. 

Tickets are available via their website - please see link below. 

Link to show details:  Autosport International 2017 


6 January 2017 

Please return your completed licence applications to Amanda as soon as possible.

http://www.nationalministoxclub.co.uk/Licence Application Form 2017.jpg

The 2017 Grading List can't be completed until we have confirmation of drivers for this season.


5 January 2017

The Fixture List is now available to view and download.

We have meetings which are available for sponsorship - please contact Andy should you wish to take the opportunity to advertise at any of the meetings on our schedule


1 January 2017 




20 December 2016


4 more sleeps until its Christmas! Hope everyone has a wonderful time with friends and family.

Please remember we have our Christmas Cracker to look forward to on Tuesday 27th December at Belle Vue, start time 1.00pm. We have our Winternationals Championship, racing alongside F1, V8 and Bangers and a caravan race!

With thanks to our sponsor #204 Star Services

Please see Booking Page for drivers entered - but its not too late to join the others - just contact Amanda asap 


14 December 2016



Can all teams who have any annual trophies please return them to Belle Vue on 27th December, so that we can get them engraved in time for the awards night.

If there are any issues can you contact Andy so that alternative arrangements can be made.


10 December 2016

Christmas Meeting  

If you are planning on racing at this meeting, can you please book in asap please. We currently only have 11 cars booked, so its unlikely that the meeting will go ahead.

Awards Night

If you wish to go to the awards night, can you please arrange your tickets with Amanda asap please, we have to confirm final numbers with the venue in 2 weeks time.

Amanda will be at the Christmas Meeting if you wish to pay by cash, otherwise it can be done by bank transfer or cheque.


27 November 2016

NEC 2017

We are looking for possibly 2 cars to go on static display at the NEC in January.

The cars must be of showroom quality.

If you are interested can you contact Andy asap please.


24 November 2016     

Christmas Meeting  Belle Vue  27th December  

In order that we can guage interest, could you book in with Amanda asap, if we dont get sufficient teams to race then we may need to cancel the meeting. Don't forget it's the Winternationals Cahmpionship with a points multiplyer so whites get x 4 points, yellows x 3 etc.


21 November 2016

Please find 2017 Licence Application - please remember to include your transponder number as it is required by the tracks.

http://www.nationalministoxclub.co.uk/Licence Application Form 2017.jpg


19 November 2016

Amanda will be attending the AGM tomorrow so orders may be placed for the Awards Evening on 4th February 2017. 

16 November 2016

AGM 20 November 2016   11.00am prompt 


. Chairmans Welcome 

. 2017 Committee

. ORCi Statement

. Finance

. Progress towards 5 Year Plan

. Rule proposals (see separate list) please note that all rule changes   must be ratified by the ORCi

. 2017 Fixtures

. Awards Night

. Christmas Meeting

. AoB

We have quite a long agenda, so please work with us to keep the meeting under control so that we can get through the agenda in an ordered structure.

Rule Proposals List: 

 http://www.nationalministoxclub.co.uk/List of all proposals v3.pdf


15 November 2016

2016 AGM

The AGM will be held on Sunday 20th November 2016

The meeting will start at 11.00am prompt at

Great Barr Hotel

Pear Tree Drive


B43 6HS

There is no food facility at the AGM although tea and coffee will be available.

Children are welcome to come along although please be aware there isn't anything in the immediate area for them to do other than attend the meeting.  

Agenda to follow shortly.........



12 November 2016


Awards Night  4 February 2017 The Village Hotel, Nottingham

Please remember to complete forms for tickets for the Awards Night. Amanda is at Birmingham Gala Night tonight and they can also be emailed back to her - please use nmscbookings@gmail.com (not the one on the form) to place your orders. Please also note the discount code if booking a room: PRO 10 A



11 November 2016




9 November 2016

2016 AGM 

Unfortunately, we have had to make the decision to postpone the AGM, this is largely due to the sheer number of items that need to be discussed and further meetings that need to take place in order for the event to run smoothly and have any value.

There is insufficient time to get the proposals out to members for a proper evaluation in order that your decisions are correctly thought out and not rushed.

A new date will be advised ASAP and we are sorry for any inconvenience caused, but believe it to be in the best interests of the Club going forward.


3 November 2016

Please see Booking Page for the World of Shale grid for Saturday night at Coventry, 5th November. Meeting starts at 5.45pm prompt.


1 November 2016

Belle Vue

Due to unforeseen circumstances the minis have been removed from Belle Vue on 6th November. Following discussion we have managed to secure Coventry for our World of Shale meeting on Saturday 5th November running with the F1's and UK Modified's.

In order to make this happen, the meeting will commence at 5.45pm sharp, your assistance in ensuring you are ready to race is required as there is no spare time to allow for delays. Please arrive in plenty of time to allow for scrutineering etc. 

Due to cancellations, we have 4 places available, strictly on a first come basis, please book in with Amanda. 


29th October 2016

Weighing Officer 

As most of you know Sam Serpell has been our weighing officer for the last two years and our thanks go out to her for this, but she has decided to stand down at the end of this year so we need a replacement.

If you would like to take on this role, please can you please express your interest to Andy Barnard prior to the AGM.


27th October 2016

Awards Night Tickets - Amanda will be at the last 3 meetings and at the AGM for people to hand in order forms for tickets for the Awards Night.


26 October 2016 

The AGM has now been confirmed:

Sunday 13th November 2016  11.00am

The Clubhouse

Tamworth Football Club

Kettlebrook Road



B77 1AA

Agenda to follow.

The facility has ample parking and is approximately 30 mins drive from Birmingham Wheels if you wish to attend the Gala meeting the night before.

There is accommodation: Travel Lodge, Premier Inn and Holiday Inn Express all within walking distance of the venue.

The venue is conveniently located in Tamworth town centre and within a short walk is; The Snowdome, cinema, bowling Alley, park, playing fields, shopping centre etc and not forgetting the important McDonalds, KFC, and if you can remember, even a Wimpy so if the drivers wish to come but do not want to be part of the meeting then there is plenty to keep them occupied.


Ladies Race - "despite every effort the Ladies Race is cancelled on Sunday due to lack of support" 


13 October 2016

The NMSC have organised a discount code if booking the Village Hotel for the Presentation Awards on 4th February 2017 - Please use code:  PRO 10 A 


26 September 2016

The NMSC Presentation Awards will be held at the Village Hotel, Nottingham on Saturday 4th February 2017... More details to follow..


Proposed date for AGM 13th November (TBC) - please see Club Information for BOC Proposal and Rule Change forms 


21 September 2016

Ladies Race

The postponed ladies race has been rescheduled for Belle Vue on 30th October, can we please do our best to support this event and can you rebook with Amanda please.

It's in aid of two great charities, Ford's which help our officials, should they get injured supporting the sport we all live for and Cancer UK which needs no explanation and most probably benefitted every one of us in some way.


20 September 2016

King's Lynn 

Just to remind all drivers that we are NOT racing this weekend at King's Lynn.

We are racing at King's Lynn on Saturday 22nd October, please support this meeting as its the King's Lynn Open, Track Championship and also a 2017 qualifying round - please book in with Amanda. 


15 September 2016

Gold Top 2016

Post-race scrutineering has now been completed. There were some concerns around procedures and the security of the scrutineering area and following discussion with the ORCi, steps have been put in place to improve these issues going forward.

The official result is as follows:

1st  #183/1, Charlie Guinchard

2nd  #152, Charlie Sworder

3rd  #124, Kyle Gray

Congratulations to the top three and all drivers and teams who qualified and took part 

Picture courtesy of Martin Fitzgerald 

13 September 2016 

Congratulations Charlie Guinchard winner of the Gold Top 2016              


5 September 2016

Kings Lynn 22nd October (running with the F1's) 

This meeting is unrestricted and will be a national points round, Kings Lynn Open and a 2017 Qualifying round. 

We trust that you will support this meeting in order to protect the future of minis at this track, can you please book in for this meeting ASAP so that we can guage interest. 


31 August 2016

Next Meeting: 2016 Gold Top   Stoke 11th September

sponsored by Ray Witts Transport #1/#180 and Teng Tools



Please see Booking Page for drivers attending the meeting and National Championship for the grid for the Gold Top Race. 


24 August 2016

Birmingham start time has been brought forward to 6.00. National Ministox to be Heat 1 at 6.00pm. 

23 August 2016

Stoke 11th September

If you haven't already can you please book in with Amanda for this meeting, we currently only have 16 cars booked, even if you are on the grid you still need to book and confirm your attendance.

Bookings close Saturday 27th August, if you're not booked in, you won't be racing even if you are on the grid.

The official Gold Top grid is currently being checked and will be published shortly.


22 August 2016

Next Meeting:   Birmingham  

             Saturday 27th August 2016 start time 6.00pm 

             Kindly sponsored by:


             Dave Goddard @ Midland Sports Media


Thank you to everyone who raced at Venray and Congratulations to #392 Lewis Evans - 2016 winner of the European Championship, and also to #291 Declan Cavanagh winner of the Venray Open Championship.

Victor Feder took some images over the weekend and they along with others can be found on Pewi Speedway's website.

Please find the below link for photos taken by Victor:

Venray Images


15 August 2016 

Next Meeting:        HOLLAND


          Saturday 20th August 2016

          European Championship  Gold Top Qualifying Round

          sponsored by Premier Building Contractors #183

          Sunday 21st August 2016

          Venray Open    Whites and Yellows Round

          Sponsored by A J Auto Services/Playground Dev #299  

Please remember to take a waterproof sheet to entirely cover the underneath of the car 

Timetable Saturday 20th August:


Timetable Sunday 21 August:


Information for the Weekend: 

 http://www.nationalministoxclub.co.uk/BriSCA Ministox Raceway Venray August 2016.pdf


9 August 2016

Next Meeting:      

               Sunday 14th August start 1.00pm


               Marie Curie Charity Day 

               Sponsored by JBS Commercial #246



           Excerpt from the Manx Courier:




7 August 2016

Next Meeting:    

              Tuesday 9th August 2016

                    Start time 7.30pm

           Kindly sponsored by Finns Coffee Lounge



6 August 2016


             CoventryStox  start time 5.30pm

Kindly sponsored by Cavanagh Racing #291 


25 July 2016 


Next Meeting:                    

                 The Isle of Man

  Thursday 28th July  Whites and Yellows, Reach for the Stars

  Saturday 30th July  World Qualifying Round, Sword of State

  Monday 1st August  Sword of State

  Kindly sponsored by Tim Collins and Mann Construction  

Onchan Raceway requires anyone going through the pit gate to be in overalls.    


2015 Winner of Sword of State #262 Camey Dorrell 


21 July 2016

Congratulations #311 Jake Bointon, our latest driver to pass his assessment and join the ministox ranks


8 July 2016 

Next Meeting: 


Sunday 24 July 2016  Start 1.00pm

Qualifying Round 

Sponsored by Evans Racing #381/#392 



30 June 2016

Next Weekends Meetings:    

Coventry Stadium 2nd July start time 6.15pm

2/3rds Format (Heat 1 - Whites & Yellows Qualifier), Final and All Comers

Sponsored by Tom Harris Motorsport #84 



Buxton 3rd July, start time 1.00pm 

Meeting Practice from 10.00am

2/3rds Format, Heats (12 laps), Final (15 laps), Enduro (20 laps)

Sponsored by Bensons Car and Commercial #198 


24 June 2016

Next Meeting:             


Saturday 25th June start time 4.30pm

Sponsored by Lucasoil.oil.co.uk and Grand Prix Racewear

pits open 12 noon, we have been asked to arrive by 2.30pm if possible


Sunday 26th June start time 12.30pm

Sponsored by I & S Logs #612/#613

Free camping for Friday and Saturday at Lochgelly Raceway

Both days build up to the Nothern Championship


Details for the weekend can be found here:




15 June 2016

Important information for the upcoming weekend at Ipswich and Northampton


Pits open at 2pm, there will be no engine noise whatsoever before 5pm (There are tight council restrictions in place and they are often in attendance and we need to respect this, anyone breaking this rule will be loaded up and prevented from racing). At 5pm you can run engines but on tick-over only (no excessive noise). 

We may have a practice at 6pm but it will be 1 run only.

Meeting starts at 6.45pm sharp, cars must be lined up and waiting to go on track, the pit gate will not wait (no excuses as they have a strict curfew)

We will be running 2 heats (all-in), final and all-comers (time permitting)

Meeting must be finished at 10.15pm (no engine noise)

Meeting Sponsor - Premier Building Contractors

Please enjoy the meeting but respect the above rules and surrounding houses as we don't want to risk losing yet another track


You are welcome to travel to Northampton and stay in the car park after Ipswich (access to toilets facilities is NOT available until stadium opens on Sunday)

Meeting starts at 1pm

We may have a short practice prior to the meeting start.

We will be running 3 heats (2/3rds), final and all-comers (time permitting)

Meeting Sponsor - Hi-Spec Racing  


8 June 2016

British Championship Update

Skegness 11th June 2016 meeting starts at 4.30pm and is very kindly sponsored by Hodgson Automotive Electrical.

Gates open at 1pm, please allow plenty of time for scrutineering and on this occasion drivers will need to be strapped in their cars, so to prevent any issues please make sure driver clearances are correct, suitable padding is present in cars and seat belts are positioned correctly.

There will not be any practice due to the volume of cars.

Travel Update:

There are roadworks on the A158 at Wragby, so anyone coming that way could well be caught up in the delays. 


7 June 2016

                 MOTOFEST 2016 


Would just like to say well done and thank you to all the drivers who came to Motofest, you were brilliant and represented the club like true stars. You put on a great show and pleased the crowd.

Special thanks to Kathryn Bullock for stepping upto the challenge and becoming commentator for the day and also Amanda, Sam and Kathryn for being our promotion girls.

A great day that I was proud to be part of.

Andy Barnard 


5 June 2016

Next Meeting:     

              Saturday 11th June 4.30pm

              British Championship

 Kindly sponsored by Hodson Automotive 


                2015 Winner Courtney Witts 


3 June 2016

Next Meeting:    

        Stoke  Saturday 4th June  4pm 

                 World Qualifying Round 

       Sponsored by M W FABRICATIONS 

   Please arrive early and be ready to race - its going to be a busy meeting!


31 May 2016

Next Meeting:     

               Thursday 2nd June  7.30pm 

               Racing for Venables Racing Shield


               2015 Winner Courtney Witts 

               Please see Booking Page for drivers entered 


22 May 2016

Next Meeting:  Belle Vue Monday 30th May 4.30pm


         Kindly sponsored by NFR Racewear


          Please see Booking Page for drivers entered                   (the bookings for the meeting are now closed) 


20 May 2016

Next Meeting :  Birmingham Saturday 21st May 2016  

              Start time 6.00pm (revised)

              Please see Booking Page for drivers entered 


**Bookings for Belle Vue on Monday 30th May are now closed** 


14 May 2016

Due to logistical reasons the National Ministox by mutual agreement have been removed from the fixture list for the remainder of 2016 at King's Lynn, Trackstar and the NMSC are in negotion to find a solution going forward for the 2017 season. 

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.



Have a good time at Skegness this weekend - please remember to represent the National Ministox Club responsibly.

12 May 2016 

Next Meeting:  

            Saturday 14 6.00pm and Sunday 15 May 2016 Noon

            Whites and Yellows   Skegness Open 

            Sponsored by #434 MC Travel


            2015 winner Skegness Open #60 Matt Venables 


4 May 2016

Bookings for Sheffield on Sunday 8th May are now closed as the pits are full. Only the drivers on the Booking List will be allowed to race 


3 May 2016


Next Meeting:    

Sheffield  Sunday 8th May  12.30pm

2016 Gold Top Qualifying Round and racing for the Yorkshire Shield


Kindly sponsored by #101/#110 Sheaf Skips


  Winner of Yorkshire Shield 2015

                     #598 Lewis Taylor


29 April 2016

Please see "Rulings Page" for important rule clarifications and timescales for compliance.


25 April 2016

Next Meeting:      

Kings Lynn Saturday 30th April start time 17.30pm 

Please see booking page for drivers entered 


21 April 2016


Due to reasons beyond our control the meeting scheduled for Friday 2nd September at Coventry has been cancelled and we are now at Coventry on Saturday 6th August.

Please rebook for this meeting as normal with Amanda


18 April 2016

Next Meeting: 


      Sunday 24 April  Start Time 1.00pm

    Whites and Yellows       Stock Car Journal Trophy 

  Kindly sponsored by Jukes Racing #10                 

2015 winners of Stock Car Journal Trophy


          Courtney Witts and Frankie Wainman JJ 


14 April 2016

Birmingham 16 April

Due to the sheer number of cars the start time has been brought forward to 5.30pm and minis are Race 1

There will be a paid practice from 1.30pm - 4.30pm (no free practice) 

Immediately following practice there will be a drivers briefing conducted by Incarace of which all drivers MUST attend, where you will be given your wrist band to race.

Hednesford 17 April

Hednesford will start at 1.00pm with a drivers briefing at 12.15.

We are also pleased to announce that in addition to our trophy sponsor "Sheepy Farm Services", Incarace have secured additional sponsorship for our meeting final from Kustom Racewear.

It will consist of a voucher to the value of:

1st - £125

2nd - £75

3rd - £50 

In addition, every race winner will also receive a LED rev counter watch.


12 April 2016

A Thank you from David and Mandy Trevor:

Following our unexpected presentation at Buxton last Sunday, which was a pleasant surprise, it was nice to see old and new drivers out on track. Having now returned home we have had a chance to look at all of our gifts from yourselves and would like to say a massive thank you to everyone. They are very much appreciated and will be partly be used to purchase a new television for the motorhome.

See you all at Buxton next time.

David and Mandy 

(Received 4.4.16)



Next Meeting:  Birmingham/Hednesford   16/17th April


Sponsored by Sheepy Farm Services 

We have a massive field of 45 cars booked for Birmingham and 39 for Hednesford (please see Booking Page) everyone will race in 3 out of 4 heats on Saturday with a further last chance qualifier on Sunday before the feature final.

There is a paid practice on Saturday at Birmingham from 1.30 - 4.30pm.  (no free practice)

  2015 Winner Sheepy Farm Services Trophy                      #183 Charlie Guinchard

On Saturday evening you may stay in the pit area at Birmingham, please do NOT go to Hednesford as there is no overnight parking on the approach to the raceway with local council restrictions in place.


11 April 2016

Help Needed

Volunteer required to help with National Ministox Albert Carter #3 at Birmingham Wheels on Saturday 16th April.

If you can help then please contact Andy Carter on 07860 405060 


6 April 2016 

Next Meeting:     

Northampton  Saturday 9th April 2016  Start Time 6.00pm 

(National Ministox are NOT on at Sheffield on Sunday 10th April)   

5 April 2016

Unfortunately we have been informed by Startrax that the National Ministox have been removed from this Sundays meeting at Sheffield due to high bookings of F1/F2's and insufficient pit space as they can no longer use the road.

We have however been able to transfer this weekends  meeting to Northampton on Saturday, courtesy of Incarrace.

The meeting will start at 6.00pm with paid practice in the afternoon.

We will transfer all Sheffield bookings to this meeting unless you advise us that you will not be attending. If you are not booked and would like to, then please contact Amanda by 9am tomorrow morning.


3 April 2016

The races on 16/17th April at Birmingham/Hednesford are to be run as one meeting. There will be heats on the Saturday at Birmingham with the meeting continuing on the Sunday at Hednesford with further heats and the final - The Sheepy Farm Services Trophy.



Its Race Day!         

We have a 12 Noon start today at the Buxton Raceway. It is a qualifying round for the 2016 Gold Top and a qualifying round for the Whites and Yellows Championship.

With many thanks to Altrincham Skip Hire for sponsoring the meeting. 

2 April 2016

Its Race day! - today we are at Coventry Stadium, start time 6.15pm Its a Qualifying Round for the 2016 Gold Top and racing for the Midland Trophy. We thank Southam Mini Metro Centre for sponsoring the meeting.


2015 winner of Midland Trophy #183 Charlie Guinchard 


1 April 2016

New Grading List with effect from Saturday 2nd April 

30 March 2016

We start the weekend early with the Thursday night meeting at Skegness (31 March) Start time 7.30pm. With thanks to Finns Coffee Lounge for sponsoring the meeting.

Saturday Night (1 April) we start at 6.15 at the Coventry Stadium, thanks go to Southam Mini Metro Centre for sponsoring the meeting.

Sunday we are at Buxton with a (revised) start time of 12 Noon, Atrincham Skip Hire kindly sponsoring the meeting.

Please see the Booking Page for the list of drivers entered. 

29 March 2016

Next Meeting -    

Thursday 31 March 2016, start time 7.30pm

Kindly sponsored by Finns Coffee Lounge    


Please see Booking Page for the list of drivers entered 


28 March 

Its race day - today we are in Manchester at Belle Vue, start time 3.30pm


We thank  

          Bunded Fuel Tanks  

for sponsoring the meeting today which is a Qualifying Round for the 2016 Gold Top and racing for the County Bridge Trophy.  Last years winner #8 Catherine Harris



25 March 2016

Stoke start time is now 4.00pm - Ministox on first.


24 March 2016

Rule Clarification

We have been asked to clarify the ruling on suspension parts.

The use of aluminium suspension parts is NOT permitted (drive flanges, radius arms etc)

The only exception to this is front brake calipers, rear drums, shock absorbers and "high/low tops". 

As we are fast approaching the weekend, this ruling will be enforced from Thursday 31st March and anyone found using them will be deemed illegal. 


21 March 2016  


                  Easter Weekend 

Good Friday    25 March    Skegness Stadium   6.30pm

Easter Saturday 26 March    Stoke            5.00pm

Easter Monday  28 March    Belle Vue         3.30pm


Friday 25th March  Skegness Stadium  Start time 6.30pm    W/Y Round 2  Racing towards UK Challenge Trophy  

  2015 Winner #391 Jessica Smith  

                                        Kindly sponsored by Wilkinson Racing


Saturday 26 March  Stoke   Start 5.00pm   

  Kindly sponsored by In Life Design    

   Featuring the Ladies Race, raising funds and awareness of 



Monday 28 March  Belle Vue  Start 3.30pm  

   Kindly sponsored by                                                     Bunded Fuel Tanks

2016 Qualifying Round for Gold Top

Racing towards County Bridge Trophy


Winner of 2015 County Bridge #8 Catherine Harris                  


17 March 2016


Next Meeting

   Kings Lynn  19th March  5.30pm start

Please see Bookings Page for list of drivers entered (no points meeting)


Ladies Race Update

With just over 1 week to go we have 8 ladies confirmed to be taking part, can we get a few more for some great causes.

Fords Care & Breast Cancer UK

Its a bit of fun and entertainment, so come on and join the fun


We are aware that a few of you were experiencing problems and readings were not picked up on Saturday, after discussion it may be that there was a problem with the loop at the track as some other formula had similar issues.

We will check them again at Kings Lynn. In the meantime can you ensure that they are fully charged and fitted fairly low in the car with a clear view to the track bed (metal under does dilute the signal) 


16 March 2016

Congratulations to #391 Rebecca Smith for attaining her ORCi Driver Competence Assessment, we look forward to seeing Rebecca out on track.



13 March 2016

  Ladies Race - 26th March at Stoke

Please let Amanda know as soon as possible if you would like to race. We would like to do a piece for the programme to help promote and raise as much money as possible for two very worthy causes:

Fords Care - A charity set up to provide much needed support to the voluteers involved in the racing fraternity who get injured    



Breast Cancer UK - Another worthy cause which has devastated so

many lives 





12 March 2016



     The waiting is over......  Good Luck everyone! 

7 March 2016

Bookings for Coventry are now closed, please do not just turn up, if you are not on the list you will not be allowed entry to the stadium.

The meeting now starts at 4.30pm and with almost 250 cars booked to race, the pits are going to be very busy so we suggest that you arrive early.

Heat 1 will be the Kev Sutton Trophy (sorry, no novices) and then 2 more heats and followed by an 'all in final' (novices allowed on this occasion)

Meeting kindly sponsored by Gwin Racing #154

6 March 2016     Next Meeting:

   Coventry 12 March 2016 

    Kindly sponsored by Gwin Racing    

                            Start time 4.30pm, see Booking Page for drivers entered.

 The meeting is a Qualifying Round towards 2016 Gold Top 

 Racing towards the Kev Sutton Memorial Trophy

    2015 winner #226 Amy Webster


5 March 2016  


                Buxton is CANCELLED

The race meeting which was to be hold tomorrow is cancelled. The Buxton Gold Cup will move to Sunday 3rd April and will be sponsored by Altringham Skip Hire.


Rule 132 Clarification 

Each driver must have a Dry Powder Extinguisher of 2Kg minimum size fully tested/certified which must be within easy reach when petrol is being decanted. 


2 March 2016

Rule Clarification - the following should read:

42.  A four post roll cage must be constructed. 



The meeting at Buxton on Sunday 6th starts at 12 Noon, with a pre meeting practice from approx 9.30am.

Don't forget there is also a paid practice on Saturday 5th March. 


28 February 2016


Just a gentle reminder that following a meeting with ORCi the following apply with immediate effect:

Meeting Scrutineering

When a car is presented for scrutineering, the driver MUST be present with all racing overalls and undergarments (helmet, neck device, gloves and balaclava). It is not the responsibility of the scrutineer to come looking for you, if you are not present, your car will NOT be scrutineered.

New Cars

If you have a new-build car for the 2016 season, you car will need to receive a full Pre-race scrutineering check. This needs to be booked and completed prior to racing and takes around 2 hours to complete. YOU CANNOT RACE WITHOUT IT.

Please contact the chairman to arrange, do not just turn up at a race meeting expecting it to be scrutineered as suitable resources may not be available.


Smoking is not permitted in the pit area or race trucks at any time during a race meeting. (it is allowed in your living accommodation but not in the garage area. 




24 February 2016

ORCi have issued two documents regarding race rules and safety. These are to be found under Rulings (and available to download below). It is very important that all drivers and teams read and understand the documents as a zero tolerance will apply and drivers/teams shall be punished for non-compliance. This affects all tracks that we race at.

2016 ORCi Rules of Racing 

ORCi Driver Safety Leaflet 


23 February 2016

 on 6th March - racing towards the Buxton Gold Cup


2015 winner of The Buxton Gold Cup #287 Jansen Wilkinson   

(image courtesy of Martin Fitzgerald)


22 February 2016

Bookings for Buxton on 6th March are now closed, should you wish to race, please contact Amanda, although you will start at the rear of your grade.

Please remember that all bookings will close 2 weeks prior to the meeting, so book in early!


12 February 2016

We have another practice session available at Buxton on Sunday 28th February 10.00am - 4.00pm  £20 per car. To book in please call 01663 732526

In addition to this we have been offered the rare chance to a shale practice at Brampton Raceway on Sunday 20th March 1pm - 5pm please let us know if you are interested. 


11 February 2016   

                Ladies Race


We have been asked to run a ladies race for charity, by kind permission of Startrax, the event has been planned for 26th March at Stoke.

A lot of you have asked in the past, so come on ladies, lets see if National Ministox Club can rise to the challenge and raise money for a worthy cause. 

To enter you must not have held a licence in the last 5 years and must be over 20 years of age.

Can you please indicate your interest ASAP so that we can put the plans in place to make it happen. 




3 February 2016

Whilst at the NEC Autosports our chairman, Andy Barnard was interviewed by Downforce Radio for Ovaltalk. The Interview was put on air last night, please find the link below (the interview is at 40 mins) 

http://www.nationalministoxclub.co.uk/Ovaltalk NEC.htm 


Dont forget to get your licence applications in the post 


1 February 2016

Rulebook correction - Page 23 Championship and Annual Trophies

Northern, Whites and Yellows, Reach for the Stars.

Should not read 1/8th of roof but should say:

The roof edge needs to be a minimum of 6" and to remain the drivers true grade colour


31 January 2016

Can everyone please register by Friday 5th February 2016.

We need to compile an accurate grading list to start the season with and this cannot be produced until we are aware of who is racing in 2016.

The grading list affects several drivers who will need to repaint their roofs and so it is unfair to leave until the last minute.

The 2016 Rulebook is available to be returned to you with your licence - we just need the forms in by Friday

http://www.nationalministoxclub.co.uk/Licence Application Form.pdf 


25 January 2016

With the race season only 5 weeks away -  please can we all get our licence forms returned asap so that they may be processed and returned to you before we get underway. 

 http://www.nationalministoxclub.co.uk/Licence Application Form.pdf


23rd January 2016   Practice Days

The following tracks have availability for practice sessions: 


Sunday 27th February  10.30am - 4.00pm       £30 per car


Sunday 21st February   1.00pm - 5.00pm       £30 per car

Wednesday 2nd March   6.30pm - 9.30pm                     (and every Wednesday throughout the season)    £15 per car      Also available for private testing by prior arrangement throughout the season


Sunday 28th February   1.00pm - 5.00pm       £30 per car


Sunday 5th March      10.30am - 4.00pm      £15 per car     (also available by prior arrangement throughout the season)


Wednesday 2nd March   9.30am - 4.30pm       £40 per car


By prior arrangement, contact Mark Sargent for details


New Driver "Competence Assessment" available at Birmingham by prior arrangement.

Please confirm all the above with promotor prior to travelling 


Booking In

If you haven't already can you please start to book in for meetings, all bookings must be received 2 weeks prior to meeting otherwise you will be starting from the back of the grid.



21st January 2016  Happy Birthday  #8 Catherine Harris


18th January 2016


            Happy Birthday Mr Chairman


15th January 2016  

Day One of the Autosport Show at the NEC - still time to get to Birmingham for Day Two tomorrow.........



Thanks to Team Witts for presenting Courtneys car 

12th January 2016

Dont forget its the Autosport Show this weekend at the Birmingham NEC


We have a car on display at the show, the above is Courtneys from last year 

8 January 2016

                  2016 Awards Night


Due to requests from members, the Club is looking into alternative venues for the Awards Night. The present venue offers good value for money and just looking into alternatives would indicate that to maintain free entry for the drivers, the ticket price would have to raise to approx £25 for an Adult and £15 per child.

We are also struggling for dates in December, although it has been indicated by members that due to busy schedules in December, they would possibly prefer the event to move to January.

Can you please text or email Amanda Barnard with your choice, ie Sportsman or alternative by no later than Friday 15th January indicating which team you repesent.

Amanda 07973 224880  nmscbookings@gmail.com


7 January 2016

Clarification of the ruling on Roofs:

You are only allowed to display championships via flags, colours or listings as per the rulebook, but this must not detract away from the true grade, it is NOT permitted to have any sponsor information, drivers name or any other markings on any part of the roof. The roof fin must only display the drivers number. The only place for the drivers name is on the visor.


Statement from the Oval Racing Council International

With immediate effect, drivers will not be allowed to exit their cars whilst the race circuit is live i.e. under "green" racing conditions. This includes both drivers on the race track whose car has become immobilised and those who retire to the infield who must also remain in their cars with both their safety harness and helmet on. The only exception to this is where a car needs to be vacated in emergency conditions - i.e. fire etc. If a driver is in a car and feels there is a problem which officials may not be aware of which potentially makes staying there unsafe, they should indicate this to an official with the "thumbs down" signal who will then ask race control to suspend the race. It should be noted that in all cases, the primary cause(s) of the suspension/stoppage, shall be excluded for any re-run or re-start.

If a waved yellow caution or red flag race stoppage is instigated, drivers who are already on the centre must remain strapped in and with helmets on. Drivers who are in immobilised cars on other parts of the circuit may exit their cars whilst the race is suspended but must go into a designated area which is considered by the promotion to be the safest place to be whilst the race is live, which may well be off the track completely.

Drivers will be informed of where this area is by means of a driver briefing or driver handout. Drivers who are still unsure of where this area is should ensure they find out where it is before racing by contacting the Clerk of the Course or another senior official.

Please note that the above covers all formulas and race tracks within the ORCi 




For those of you who missed the Christmas meeting at Belle Vue, here's your chance to read the excellent programme piece written by Courtney Witts.  We are still looking for drivers to become part of our press gang and provide similar pieces for inclusion on the website and meeting programmes.

A view from the Gold Window by #1 Courtney Witts

http://www.nationalministoxclub.co.uk/A view from the Gold window.jpg 



Happy New Year - Best wishes to everyone for the coming season

2016 Log Books are now available so please send in your licence applications as soon as possible.

We have a car on display at the Autosports Show at the NEC Birmingham 16/17th January 2016



 Image of Courtney's Car last year at the NEC


          Happy Christmas everyone 


               image courtesy of Amanda 

please remember to book in for our Christmas Cracker at Belle Vue


The National Ministox Club held their Awards Presentation on Saturday 12th December. Dave Goddard compared the evening with all the drivers receiving their awards from F1 Superstar Frankie Wainman Jnr.



photo courtesy of Martin Fitzgerald

 Thanks to all our sponsors over the year and thanks to

       for their continued support with the club and sponsoring the grade awards - rewarding our stars of the future.

 Thanks also to   and  for their assistance with raffle prizes on the evening

See images of presentations in the Gallery - Presentation Evening 2015 


Our #1 Courtney Witts was interviewed by Dave Goddard for Oval Talk - Downforce Radio Station for all Oval news including F1, Bangers, Hot Rods and Ministox, please find the link below for details: 


Oval Talk - Courtney Witts



The club needs your help.....

We are looking for volunteers to take on the role of PRESS TEAM, to facilitate articles for our website, meeting programmes, magazines etc.

Do we have any budding journalists out there? The job does not mean that you have to do all the work but you will be responsible for gathering information, getting people to write stories, reviews and then co-ordinating them. Who better to do the job than those directly involved, so ideally we would like it to be led by you, the drivers.

If you are interested in promoting Ministox and your club and would like to be considered then please let Andy Barnard know.


Awards Night - Saturday 12th December      The Sportsman, Long Eaton

Doors Open at 7.15pm

Presentations start at 8.00pm sharp

Disco till 1.00am

Ticket Only 


2016 AGM Sunday 6th December 2015   10.00am

Sportsman Pub, 1 Granville Ave, Long Eaton, Nottingham NG10 4HA

Please note that only current registered drivers/teams are entitled to attend or vote at the AGM (unfortunately if you have reached your 16th Birthday you are no longer a member)

Please ensure that you bring your drivers log book, as on entry you will be given a voting card. Only named persons on licence will  be allowed to vote/comment (no log book, no vote), only one vote per driver. 

Please note that wilst children are welcome at the AGM we do request that they are supervised in order to avoid distraction from the meeting 

The Agenda 

Introduction and Welcome

Statement from ORCI

Finance Report




Points and Grading

Proposed Rule Changes


5 Year Plan

Awards Night

Christmas Meeting




Please find proposals to be discussed at the AGM: 


Following ORCi instruction to reduce the speed of the cars, several discussion with the committee took place during the 2015 season and the following rule proposals have been suggested for your consideration:

Current rule: 16

Reason: Current rule is too vague and is not able to be policed

Cost Implications: Minimal

Time to Implement: Start of 2016 season

Wording: An effective silencer will be fitted to the exhaust system at all times. This must give a maximum decibel reading of 104db at 4000rpm and will be measured approximately 30' to the side of the exit at a distance of 1.5metres at the height of the exhaust exit.


Current rule: New

Reason: To allow cars to be standardised, making them easier to sell on and also maintain the head clearance as the drivers grow

Cost Implications: Minimal

Time to Implement: start of 2016 season

Wording: All new cars to have a minimum distance from top of main rail to bottom underside of roll cage bars of 510mm (this will still allow a body when cut to the minimum height to fit the car)


Current rule: 15a

Reason: To reduce the cornering speed of the cars in line with ORCi instruction

Cost Implications: £0

Time to Implement: Start of 2016 season

Wording: Inside side rail remains at a minimum of 500mm from the floor to the underside of the side rail. Outside side rail must sit at a minimum of 530mm from the floor to the underside of the side rail. There also must me a 70mm clearance between the ground and the sump/sump guard and under run bars (lowest part of the car). All of these measurements are a minimum (no tolerance), which must be met with the driver in the car, and will be measured on track or on other suitable areas at random meetings.


Current rule: New

Reason: To reduce the acceleration speed out of the corners thus reducing the terminal speed at the end of the straights in line with ORCi instruction

Cost Implications: Minimal

Time to Implement: Start of 2016 season

Wording: Only one aluminium spacer to be used between the manifold and the carburettor. This must be in its original Mini form and not modified in any way. The use of torque tubes, plastic or fabricated spacers is not allowed.


Current rule: 2

Reason: To reduce the cornering speed of the cars in line with ORCi instruction

Cost Implications: £?

Time to Implement: ?

Wording: All cars to weigh 650kg min and 700kg max without driver, , with a maximum inside weight of 52%? (to be agreed) if you are outside of these weights then you cannot race until the problem has been rectified and your cars weight is within the legal limits.  Blues, reds and superstars also need to weigh a minimum of 720kg, including the driver and all protected equipment. (The minimum weight must be with an empty fuel tank), Bolt-On ballast is not allowed.

Random post-race checks for all cars will be carried out but the corner weights will be covered and should you fail you will be disqualified. 


Team: 798 

Current rule: New

Reason: Introduce a shootout series that makes it fairer to all. 

Cost Implications: £0

Time to Implement: Start of 2016 season

Wording: Shoot out - all national points up to a cut-off date will count towards a shoot-out, the  top 20 cars will then compete over a number of rounds with the top point scorer at the end carrying the Silver roof. In addition the current National points championship would still run under the current rules with the winner allowed to carry a silver stripe.

It should be noted that the rules on driving styles will be applied to prevent the series becoming aggressive


22 November 2015 

The club is in the process of finalising next years fixtures and would like to confirm a sponsor for each meeting. Sponsors are important to ensure we encourage our young drivers and obtain the best trophies possible for them and in return we aim to promote the people who have given their assistance. We would like to have all sponsors on the fixture list before it is published.

Thank you to everyone who has already kindly offered to help but if anyone is interested in sponsoring a meeting would they please contact Andy Barnard on 07773 373127 


Club AGM  Sunday 5th December 2015  The Sportsman at Long Eaton 


Congratulations to #299 Harley Burns winner of the Winter Nationals


Birmingham  Gala Night 14th November 2015 - kindly sponsored by Gwin Racing. Start time 4.15pm. Ministox Heat 1 is the first race.

Winter Nationals Championship is to be held over the evening (points multiplyer - whites x 4, yellow x 3, blues x 2 and reds x 1)

There is a paid practice on Wednesday evening if needed. 

Saturday night is showcasing a full evenings racing with over 180 vehicles on track over the night. We have 43 ministox booked into compete and pit space is very limited. There shall be no reserving places in the pits. There is NO practice at all on Saturday. Please do not arrive before 1.30pm as the pits will be closed until then. We are in the bottom car park so movement will be restricted as we will have to be escorted upto the track. There will be no waiting for cars and if you're not ready the gate shall close due to the number of races on the programme.


Congratulations to #392 Lewis Evans winner of the American Connections Championship At Belle Vue


Saturday 7th November - Coventry - 5.45pm start - Thanks to Motorglaze Ltd sponsors of the meeting

Sunday 8th November - Belle Vue - 3.30pm start 

Thanks to Hodgson Racing @ Automotive Electrics our sponsors for the meeting. 


Congratulations to The World of Shale 2015 winner #1 Courtney Witts



Sheffield 1st November

Meeting sponsored by Team #21
12.30 start. The first race will be The World of Shale
The top 26 drivers from all the shale meetings this year shall compete for the title. There will be reserves to cover for any non-starters.

Tickets for the Awards Evening on 12th December are available to purchase from Amanda Barnard, Sam Serpell and Helen Witts. Adults £15, Children £10, drivers free when accompanied by a paying adult.

26 October 2015
Trophy sponsor wanted for the meeting at Coventry on 7 November.
See David if you can help in any way.

Big thanks to The Garage Sheffield #21 for supporting our World of Shale meeting on Sunday @ Sheffield. Start time 12.30

Please can all teams return any trophies (including track championships) to be represented at Presentation Evening to David asap.

Congratulations to the winner of the Whites and Yellows Championship 2015 #598 Lewis Taylor

Important Notice
If you choose to share any photos from the Web or social media, can you please ensure that you make reference to the person who took the photo, ie photo courtesy of ............. 
Rule change proposals to be discussed at the AGM.
Please can any forms be completed in full and submitted no later than 14th November. The proposer must be present at the AGM otherwise the proposal will not be considered.
Kings Lynn - Saturday 25th October
Please arrive in good time - the first race is at 5.10pm 
Thanks go to Finns Coffee Lounge of Boston for sponsoring the meeting.

The minutes from the committee meeting held on 8th October are now available for registered teams to request from any committee member.
There have been seven nominations for the 2016 committee. It was felt to be in the best interests of the club that all are allowed a place on the committee. Should anyone wish to protest this decision then please can they inform a committee member by 1st November at the latest 
The Awards Night, 12th December at The Sportsman at Long Eaton
Tickets will be available shortly from Amanda Barnard, Sam Serpell and Helen Witts.
Ticket Prices
Adults £15
Child  £10
Driver - Free - if accompanied by an adult team member 
Birmingham Meeting Saturday 17th October
The first race is at 5.30pm. There will be a paid practice from approx. 2pm.  The meeting is kindly sponsored by I & S Logs of Plymouth - Team Serpell #612/#613

The Birmingham meeting is a qualifying round for the 2016 Gold Top
The club along with track promoters are continually looking at ways to improve the safety of not only the drivers but also the fans who come to watch our sport, these include; raising the age limit to hold a licence, regulating the height and weights of the vehicles and looking at jumped starts and 'follow-ins'. Please can all teams ensure they assist so that hopefully the only thing which gets hurt whilst they are racing is their pride!
11th October  Buxton
The meeting starts at 1.00.  There will be a practice in the morning from around 10.30. Anyone wishing to practice must be scrutineered prior to going on track. Please arrive early to be checked as the scrutineers shall be busy with their own teams at practice time.  
With special thanks to our meeting sponsors - Southam Mini Metro Centre

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the committee meeting has been rescheduled for Thursday 8th October.
There will be a committee meeting on Monday 5th October. Please contact any committee member with points to be added to the Agenda by Sunday evening. 
A copy of the minutes will be available to any registered team approximately 1 week afterwards on request.
2 October
With immediate effect the age group of the NMSC is 11-16 years old.  
After post race scrutineering, we can confirm the results of the
N & M Championship at Stoke 26th September as:
1st    #1    Courtney Witts
2nd   #391   Jessica Smith
3rd    #60   Matthew Venables 

Gold Top 2015 Update
Following post-race scrutineering checks the top three cars have now been checked and the results stand:
1st   #180   Courtney Witts
2nd   #391   Jessica Smith
3rd   #152   Charlie Sworder 

Congratulations to Courtney Witts #180  Gold Top 2015 
30 August 2015
2015 committee nomination form
Nomination Form
If you would like to nominate someone to stand on the 2015 committee please complete the form above and give to Mandy.

2015 AGM rule/car spec changes form
Rule Changes
If you would like to suggest any changes to the rule book please complete this form above and give to Mandy.

Gold top information letter
Gold Top
These are also being posted to you.....

19 August 2015
"We have been asked to clarify the ruling on exhaust manifolds. It is not permitted to machine the manifold in anyway to either alter the angle or the hole sizes of the manifold. Only light cleaning (both internal and external) to remove surface rust or dirt is allowed."

Venray 2015 a selection of photographs from the weekend can be found on Pewi Speedway Eu
Congratulations to #183 Charlie Guinchard European Champion

18 August 2015
We have been offered a meeting on Saturday night at Birmingham Wheels with the F1 semi. Start time 4.45 pm. Please note that this is NOT a points meeting. Book in now on book face or text David ASAP, PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD......

11 August 2015
Rule Clarification..... 
Carburettor - The use of downdraft carburettors is not allowed nor is it allowed to machine the cylinder head, manifold, spacer or block on an angle to give the same effect.
A total combined maximum tolerance of 15 thou is permitted on machined faces of these components
·The use of polishing, ceramic or surface coating is not allowed on any components.·Suspension (front top arm) - It is allowed to bend the arm near the mounting hole downwards slightly and reinforce to provide movement of the ball joint

an you also put Colin's revised note re. Cylinder heads up on website.
26 July 2015
Important Message To All Teams

The NMSC were given a directive by the ORCi at the start of the year that we were to look at ways of preventing the cars getting any faster, and work has been taking place on this aspect since. Following unfortunate events a few months ago this directive was endorsed in that we as a club must now be actively looking at ways of reducing the speed, otherwise action would be forced upon the club. The NMSC committee have enlisted the assistance of Colin Taylor from Southam Mini Metro Centre to assist in this task. Each concept to achieve the above directive will be fully evaluated and tested before any findings are presented to the ORCI. Further to this activity the club have tried to ensure that any current rules are not compromised and any clarifications that have been released are simply to protect the long term future of the club before outside influences start dictating what we can and cannot do. Regular meetings are held with ORCI to discuss progress and findings with minutes taken, which are available to any team on request.

We have a good safety record and are well respected by the sport's governing bodies and we are simply doing what any well run club should be doing to ensure that high standards are maintained.
Regarding engine stripping, this is being done to ensure fairness and again meet the above directive and the club have appointed Colin Taylor to do this role. To ensure a consistent and fair system, whenever this activity is undertaken a representative of the team shall be present, in addition to a committee member
If anyone has any suggestions or concerns regarding the above, then these should in the first instance be directed to the Chairman, in writing, where it will be discussed at the next available meeting. No complaints or concerns should be directed at Colin as he is simply an advisor to the club.

Chairman NMSC

1 July 2015
Clarification to rules (effective from 6 July 2015)

·Differential - the only diffs allowed are 3.44 ratio which come as matched pairs (pinion & crown-wheel) with the following part numbers; CAM 2676 & 22A 411IT IS NOT ALLOWED TO USE AFTERMARKET DIFF COMPONENTS, NOR MIX & MATCH DIFFERENT DIFFS TO GIVE THE SAME 3.44 RATIO

·Carburetter - The use of downdraft carburetters is not allowed nor is it allowed to machine either the cylinder head, manifold or spacers on an angle to give the same effect

·The use of ceramic or surface coatings is not allowed on any internal components

·Suspension (front top arm) - It is allowed to bend the arm near the mounting hole downwards slightly and reinforce to provide movement of the ball joint

23 June 2015
If the named representatives on the drivers licence are
not going to be present at a race meeting and the driver will be attending with
another responsible adult please complete the form below and hand it to Mandy or David Trevor Deputisation Form

20 June 2015
We have been offered a space on a transporter for one mini (no passengers), going to Venray. If this would help you out or would like more info please see David. 

11 June 2015

BOOKING LIST ISLE Of MAN Thurs 30th July...Sat 1st Aug...Mon 3rd Aug


Drivers who have shown an interest to race, if you wish to be added to the list or removed tell us NOW! Thank you :) 

180 Courtney Witts
1 Frankie Wainman Jnr Jnr
183 Charlie Guinchard
269 Ben Chalkley
262 Camey Dorrell
202 Will Knight
158 Abigail Stansfield
53 Roger Stansfield
58 Jack Bullock
69 Matt Barnard
2 Ben Chambers
434 Mia Pritchard
374 Kia Lindsay
282 Tomson Streets
211 Tom Birchenough
128 Harry Watson
147 Eddie Collins

4 June 2015
Any member wishing to have a copy of our last
committee meeting minutes may email David and it will be sent out to you.

Email from Buxton Raceway - During recent conversations with our local council, there has been a dispute concerning the number of times we have held practice sessions at Buxton Raceway each year from around 2002/2003 to date. As you have been a driver at Buxton Raceway during this time and taken advantage of these sessions, I turn to you for help by confirming your own involvement.

We have drivers who have raced for the whole of that period and some others for just a part but all information submitted is important to us.

The easiest way to do this is by replying to this mail, indicating which years you have raced at Buxton, an average number of times you have taken advantage of practise sessions each season, and if they were mid-week, weekend or a mixture of both. Please also indicate if other cars were present or not.

You may also write to the Raceway correspondence address at the foot of this mail.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated and we look forward to your early response.
Buxton Raceway

David Pierce
Office Manager

Buxton Raceway
Whaley Bridge
High Peak
SK23 7UW

Tel/ Fax; 01663 732526
Email; dp@buxtonraceway.com

27 May 2015
Saturday 30.05.15 @  Northampton

British Championship Sponsored by M.W.Fabrications #226

Pit gate opens Midday

Paid Practice 1.00 pm - 3.30 pm

Comfort Break 3.30 pm - 4.30 pm No Engine Noise

Driver Briefing 4.00 pm

Meeting Start Time 4.45 pm

9 May 2015
British Championship promo video http://www.bscda.com/british/4589125596

7 May 2015

There is to be a committee meeting next week, anyone wishing to have items brought up at the meeting please email David no later than 18.00 hrs by Tuesday the 12th May.

28 April 2015

Kingslynn race 1 @ 5.15 pm Saturday and Belle Vue Monday 1 o'clock start 

26 April 2015
Driver training - Saturday May 16th, anyone requiring new driver training or open practice, we will be at Buxton 9.30 am onwards. Please text or email David if you wish to attend the practice. 

20 April 2015
Please note LIMITED BOOKINGS for Kings Lynn.
If you are on the list and are not intending to race please note we have a 19 car reserve list, let David know asap.
First race at Kings Lynn on Saturday 5.30 pm.
Please note to allow everybody the opportunity to race in the whites and yellows round 4 and our QR we have moved these two events to the next weekend May 2nd. The midland championship will still be raced for this weekend.
8 April 2015
Attention to all teams
It has been brought to the attention of the committee that some teams are running Metro steering components. These should be removed with immediate effect, and any car found to have any of these components will be deemed to be illegal and further action will be taken. Only standard length steering arms that were designed for an original mini should be fitted. For further info or clarification please ask.
26 March 2015

Kingslynn meeting on 28 March with start time of 5.30pm. 

15 March 2015

Happy Mothers day to all....not often we don't race on this day, have a nice day.
Thank you to Chris Taylor @ Trendmost Ltd for sponsoring the Belle Vue meeting on 22 March.

5 March 2015
Drivers who have not booked in for the remaining meetings for March; Belle Vue, Kings Lynn and Sheffield please text or email David.

Also WANTED sponsors needed for the Kings Lynn and Sheffield meetings please email or text David.

25 February 2015
Your wait is nearly over.....first meeting of the season is nearly here! Have fun, remember to check the changes to the rule pack. Also available on homepade of website....

Complete Rule Pack 2015

Intro - Code of Conduct
Car Spec- Engines

Driver Responsibilities - ORCi General Rules

Teng Tools stickers available from the motorhome at a discounted price. Thank you for the additional sponsorship for the gold top meeting....

14 February 2015
Happy Valentines Day to all.....
Lille Racewear (on suppliers page) now has small fireproof socks in stock, please quote NMSC when ordering 

6 February 2015
Your committee are holding a meeting on the 17 02 2015, if any registered teams wish to ask a question, please email your details to David by 15 02 2015, for it to be included in the minutes.

2 February 2015

Driver training at Buxton on 8 February has been cancelled due to low numbers, see you on 28th for open practice.
ALL drivers please email or text David to let him know what meetings you intend on racing at, in March and more asap.
Phone - 07931 576398
Email - fiestaspares@btinternet.com 

24 January 2015

A big thank-you to Chris Taylor at Trendmost Ltd suppliers of the manufacturers and importers of ready made curtains.
Happy 28th Wedding Anniversary to Mr & Mrs Chairman....

As voted by INCARACE 

Latest News - 20 January 2015

Addition to the fixture list  8 August, Kingslynn
New and old drivers with agreement from Buxton promoter we are hoping to hold an open practice/new driver training day.
Sunday 8th February, this event will take place as long as we have enough numbers. Cost for the day £20 per team, please note this is for track time. Please book in now, with David by text or email, you must not just turn up because Buxton does suffer with SNOW!!! So if we need to cancel we can contact you.
The already planned practice day on Saturday 28th February still goes ahead as planned, some have already booked in but the above also apply, hence why the first meeting at Buxton is always called" The snow shifter" 1st March

Drivers please remember to send licence forms back ASAP.

Superb NEC Show -
Thank You
I would like to congratulate all the drivers including all
our domestic formulas, BriSCA F1 & F2 Stock Cars and both classes of
Ministox for all of your cars being absolutely outstanding.
You have all put our sport in a very professional light and
I would like to say that I was very proud of each and every one of you.
Once again thank you all so much.
Deane Wood
Spedeworth / Incarace

More pictures in the gallery.....

Contents of rule pack is:
Please click the links below to open either the complete rule pack or one of the sections you require as a PDF.

Complete Rule Pack 2015

Intro - Code of Conduct
Car Spec- Engines(new version 11.01.2015, small addition to rule 27)

Driver Responsibilities - ORCi General Rules

As a quick overview the parts below are what have been amended from 2014 however it is important that you read and fully understand all of the rules stated in the rule packs above.
David Trevor (Chairman) - Mark Sargent - Ray Witts - Andy Barnard  Graham Morrison - Ian Serpell
Weighing Officers - Sam Serpell & Joe Bamford

Mark Sargent - Ray Witts - Ray Williams
Paul McKeown - Mark Webster - Jason Gwin - Jason Wilkinson
Graham Morrison - Ian Serpell - Andy Barnard

Stox Card Co-ordinators - Sam Serpell &AmandaBarnard
Committee Meeting Secretary - Amanda Barnard

2. All cars to weigh 650kg min and 700kg max without driver, if you are under or over weight then you cannot race until the problem has been rectified and your cars weight is within the legal limits. Blues, reds and superstars also need to weigh a minimum of 720kg, including the driver and all protected equipment, at the end of the race. Random checks for all cars (in race trim for blue and above) will be carried out. Weighing officers to be Sam Serpell and Joe Bamford. Bolt-On ballast is not allowed. When the cars are being weighed, the corner weights on the scales will be covered.5.A full roll cage must be constructed; it will consist of either two side to side hoops or two front to rear hoops, or front to back. There will be connecting bars in the roof and the sides. Two bars are to be fitted to waist height from front to rear. There must also be two bars in the top of the roll cage, they must be a minimum of 9" and a maximum of 12" apart, a 3mm thick steel plate must be welded between these bars, these bars must be of roll cage material and it will be a minimum of 12" long and be fitted above the drivers head. There will be at least one 1 diagonal cross brace or 2 side to side cross braces in the rear hoop. The roll cage must be an all steel construction and be made from the following materials: -
*34mm round tube x 4.5mm wall thickness
(a tolerance of + or - ½mm will be allowed on diameter and + or - ¼mm on wall thickness)
*38mm round tube x 3.5mm wall thickness
(a tolerance of + or - ½mm will be allowed on diameter and + or - ¼mm on wall thickness)
*40mm square section x 3.0mm wall thickness (4mm wall thickness is better for new cars)
These sizes are recommendation if older sizes are not available:
*42.4mm round tube x 3mm wall thickness
(a tolerance of + or - ½mm will be allowed on diameter and + or - ¼mm on wall thickness)
*42.4mm round tube x 3.2mm wall thickness
(a tolerance of + or - ½mm will be allowed on diameter and + or - ¼mm on wall thickness)
*40mm square section x 3.0mm wall thickness (4mm wall thickness is recommended for new cars)
Where round tube is used it must be 38mm diameter for main roll cage, (34mm round tube may only be used as secondary bracing and strengthening to the main roll cage). All sizes above these dimensions are permitted providing the 3.0mm (3.5mm for tube) minimum wall thickness is maintained. The uprights posts of the whole roll cage must be welded to the under floor box section structure. Extra braces and connecting bars between roll cage and sidebars are to be fitted at the constructor's discretion (see diagram). Front cross members between sidebars and roll cage must be fitted either flush or in front of the roll cage uprights: care must be taken to position bars in such a way that they do not make contact with the driver's legs/body when strapped in. All cars must be constructed with additional bracing in the central area of the car. All cross bracing & bars in the central area of the car between the front & rear cross members must be 40mm x 40mm x 3mm. The main side to side crossbars should be welded to both sidebars. If a roll cage suffers damage during a meeting the car will not be permitted to race again until the construction has been passed by a NMSC scrutineer. Central Area shown in attachment.

6.A 3mm steel plate will be fitted to both sides of the car and run from the side rail height to the top of the sill bar; it must run the full length and height off the lower central area of the car. (i.e. from the front of the rear sub frame to the rear of the front sub frame). It must be a secure and integral part of the roll cage. On all new cars the sill bar must be of minimum of 25 x 25x3mm
10.A dismountable roof & body should be fitted using 8mm x 25mm long bolts with a 13mm head. Bolts must allow for easy accessibility. Any hinged shells must have the gas support struts for when it's lifted to allow for complete safety when lifted in pits. Please note all supports need to be easily removed to allow for driver extraction in an emergency or we will just cut if required.
13.A twin rail rear bumper of similar construction to the front bumper should be fitted downwards from the rear side rails, minimum depth 4" maximum 12". The top of the bumpers should be level with the top of the side rails. ie not set higher or lower, so we end up with more even contact from one car to the next.
15.The main bumper rails to be constructed of a minimum of 25mm x 50mm and a maximum of 50m x 50mm, side rails should be a minimum of 40mm x 40mm and a maximum of 50m x 50mm and a 3.0mm wall thickness. (4.0mm wall thickness is recommended for all new cars). (The use of hi-tensile steel is also recommended). The side rails should be flat with no width extending additions.
a) Inside side rail remains at a minimum of 480mm from the floor to the underside of the side rail. Outside side rail must sit at a minimum of 510mm from the floor to the underside of the side rail. There also must me a 50mm clearance between the ground and the sump/sump guard and under run bars (lowest part of the car). All of these measurements are a minimum, which must be met with the driver in the car, and will be measured on track or on other subtle flat areas.
b)A 4" post in 40x40x3mm box section, must be mounted on the outside side rail (right hand), at the rear corner, with suitable bracing to avoid hooking up on other cars. All new cars to have flat chassis rails, level with the top of the bulkhead +/- 3mm"
It is recommended that this is constructed in a similar way to the front corner post. All new cars to have a flat chassis rail with the top of the bulk head and keeping the ride heights. A new car is defined as completely new or significantly refurbished (it is not possible to convert an existing car to have, for example: lower side or main rails or modified bulk head position). Please note we must keep away from increasing any more speed, so the so called super cars must be clamped upon. When building if in doubt ask.

25.No racing or competition tyres are allowed. The following specific tyres are also not allowed, Avon 165/70x10 72H CR6 ZZ, Yokohama 165/70x10 A032R, Yokohama 165/60x12 A038, or Yokohama 165/60x12 A039. A048. 'Hakka type' tyres (snow & mud) are not allowed to be used on tarmac and all tyres to be inflated with normal air. Tyre softener is not permitted.

26.All seats must be securely fitted in a central position, with adequate support for the back of the seat. All seats must be adequately padded with fire retardant foam. Care must be taken to ensure seat belts fit through the seat in the correct position, supported by a cross bar. Room between helmets to roof minimum 2" head clearance, to anything above head. All cars must have a 3mm plate under the seat which must be welded to the chassis.
51.Large neat numbers a minimum of 9" high must be painted on both sides of the car along with the driver's name. There will be no sign writing on the car roof except major championship titles but must not detract from the colour of the roof.

2.BLOCKS may be overbore to +40thou the overall bore diameter not to exceed 2.586" (including 3 thou tolerance), the block may be decked. "Must be original cast steel block, no aftermarket blocks". The bore must go to the top and bottom of the bore, all down the bore For clarity the bore is from the head face to the bottom of the bore in the crank case. Any diameter that exceeds 2.586" even if below the bottom ring at the bottom of the piston stroke or above the top piston ring at the top of its stroke will be deemed illegal. As part of the reconditioning process an even bore diameter is produced, an uneven or stepped bore will be subject to scrutiny and appropriate action taken.
The original engine block material is case iron and not cast steel, no steel blocks wherever produced by BMC/BL/ROVER for the 998 mini. No tapered bores allowed.

LINERS - these are allowed and deemed legal as some factory engines were fitted with them. Additionally they are allowed as part of general engine reconditioning process, which are allowed.

10. CYLINDER HEAD to be a standard 1000cc (casting numbers 2A628, 2A629, 12A1456, CAM4810
11. INLET / EXHAUST MANIFOLD must be a one piece exhaust and inlet, Must be standard 1½, Mini (Single outlet), NOT Metro no cleaning or porting allowed. No aftermarket manifolds 29mm. Maximum size of outlet on exhaust manifold to be 29mm I.D.
12. CARBURETTOR must be standard 1½, it must not be bored or machined in any form including the piston. Springs, jets and needles are optional. The 38mm metric equivalent carburettor can be used but must be fitted to the standard 2 bolt 1 ½ mini manifold not metro, and subject to the same restrictions apply. "No filing of butterfly spindle bottom screws maybe clipped, removed the hif 38 carb maybe used".

All vacuum pipes must be sealed off on carburettors unless used for their original purpose. Air is only permitted to enter the engine through the original intake of the carburettor.

14. PRIMARY DIFFERENTIALS GEARS must be standard, no straight cut gears or semi helical are allowed. Only standard 3.44:1 conventional operation differentials are allowed. 2nd gear ratio equal 21 tooth layshaft and 26 tooth gear. Final drive 3.44:1 equal 18 tooth pinion and 62 tooth crown wheel. Crank shaft gear equal 29 teeth, idler equal 37 teeth and first motion gear equal 29 teeth. No limited slip diffs, Worm drive, Torque, Locked, Welded diffs or semi helical are allowed. No cross pin differentials allowed i.e. the one with 4 planet gears instead of 2.
15. A centrally fitted exhaust system must reach the front of the rear subframe. If a side exiting exhaust is fitted, this must exit the car behind the rear of the drivers seat as a minimum. The exhaust system must be fully enclosed from the inside of the car.

APPENDIX: ORCi General Rules of Racing
Drivers will be penalised for pushing on the starts and re-starts. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!


The National Ministox make there first ever appearance at the 2015 Autosport Live action arena The formula for 10-15 year olds has been around since the mid 1970s when Stock Car Magazine editor Keith Barber introduced them at Long Eaton Stadium. It's full contact racing and it provides some no holds barred entertainment. The cars are steel chassis with heavy armour to protect the driver who sits in the middle of the car. The engines are restricted to 1000cc with some modifications allowed. The steel chassis is topped off with a Mini body.

The National Ministox season is centered on the ovals in England, but visits to the Isle of Man, Scotland and the Netherlands are often on the fixture list.

Many of today's F1 and F2 stock car drivers started out in the Ministox formula, in fact Dan Johnson (4), Mat Newson (16), Frankie (515) and Danny Wainman (212), Mick Sworder (150), Luke Davidson (464) and Josh Smith (191), who are among the F1 stars in action at the NEC this year, all started out in the National Minis.

The current crop of drivers are among some of the most talented minstox drivers and they are likely to match the achievements of there predecessors in the adult formulas in years to come. Let's have a look at the drivers who will be in action.

Courtney Witts (180)

Courtney won the National points championship in 2014, she is always in the hunt for race wins on both shale and tarmac and has over 20 final victories. Her cars are always immaculately prepared.

Amy Webster (226)

Amy won the British Championship in 2014 at Birmingham, she combines intelligent driving with aggression and she is well known for using the bumper when necessary. Many of the cars in the formula were built by her father Mark Webster..

Frankie Wainman, Jr, Jr (515)

Son on Frankie Wainman, Jr a multi champion in Brisca F1, the younger Wainman bounced back to form in 2014 by winning the National Championship. His best season to date came in 2012 when he won both the National Points and National Championship.

Ryan Fairburn (411)

The 2013 National Champion has a solid year despite the gold top jinx that struck him on many occasions; he ended the season fourth in the points table.

Catherine Harris (8)

One of the up and coming stars of the National Ministox, she attained star status in 2014, in only her second year in the formula. Look for her to be challenging for major titles in 2015.

Ben Chalkley (269)

Ben won his first ever final in 2014 at Lochgelly Raceway, Scotland. He followed that up with another final a few weeks later at Buxton Raceway. The Chalkley family from Bedfordshire has been involved in acing for many years.

Will Knight (202)

Will was one of the most improved drivers in 2014, a series of mechanical problems early in the season slowed him down but he bounced back to almost win the National championship race and ended the season with several race wins.

Charlie Sworder (152)

Know as the "Wild Child", Charlie became a favourtite of the Dutch crowd for his all action style of driving when the Ministox raced at Venray, Netherlands in 2014. Charlie is another driver who will be in the hunt for major honours in 2015

Charlie Guinchard (183)

Charlie had a consistent season in 2014 which saw him finish sixth in the points table. Charlie had numerous podium places and with some experience now under his belt he should be amongst the top runners in 2015.

Camey Dorrell (262)

Camey has maintained a red roof for some time, she is always n contention to win but luck has not been on her side in the major races but she did come a creditable third in the national Championship in 2014.

Matthew Venables (60)

Son of former F1 stock car driver Ian Venables, Matthew has been amongst the star drivers in the minstox for a couple of season. He has been a regular race winner in recent years winning on both shale and tarmac.

Jessica Smith (391)

Jessica had a mixed season in 2014, she excelled on shale where she had a string of four straight final wins, but she suffered some hard hits and bad luck towards the end of the season.

The 2015 NMS Committee are as follows:
David Trevor, Ray Witts, Mark Sargent, Graham Morrison, Ian Serpell and Andy Barnard