2017 Fixtures 

11 Oct - 21 October Stoke and 12th November Cancelled

22 April - *NEW fixture added* - King's Lynn, Saturday 27th May

Supporting the F1's - Gold Top Qualifying round - book in with Amanda. 


Please find Fixture List to download below: 

 2017 Fixture List (v4) 31.3.17

(please add to this King's Lynn Sat 27.5.17)



DayDate Venue Trophy/Championship 
Saturday 11/03/2017 Stoke Kev Sutton 
Sunday 12/03/2017 Buxton Buxton Gold Cup 
Saturday18/03/2017 Birmingham Incarace Gold Cup
Sunday 19/03/2017 Skegness Q/R 
Saturday 01/04/2017 CANCELLED
Saturday 08/04/2017 Birmingham Sheepy Farm N&M 1
Sunday 09/04/2017 Hednesford Q/R, N&M 2, W&Y, Sheepy Farm 
Friday 14/04/2017 Skegness UK Challenge 
Saturday 15/04/2017 Stoke Q/R 
Monday 17/04/2017 Belle Vue Protech Challenge Q 
Thursday 20/04/2017Skegness  
Sunday 23/04/2017 Sheffield N&M 3, Yorkshire Shield 
Sunday30/04/2017 Northampton Stock Car Journal 
Monday 01/05/2017Belle VueQ/R 
Saturday13/05/2017 Skegness  
Sunday 14/05/2017 Skegness Skegness Open 
Saturday 20/05/2017 Stoke Midland Championship
Sunday 21/05/2017 Buxton 
Saturday27/05/2017 King's Lynn Q/R 
Sunday 28/05/2017 Northampton Q/R 
Monday 29/05/2017 Belle Vue N&M 4
Sunday 04/06/2017 SheffieldBritish, Q/R
Saturday 10/06/2017 Birmingham American Connections 
Saturday 17/06/2017Ipswich Q/R, W&Y 
Sunday 18/06/2017NorthamptonW&Y, Golden Helmet
Sunday25/06/2017Belle VueCounty Bridge, W&Y
Saturday01/07/2017 Buxton Q/R 
Sunday 02/07/2017 Buxton Enduro 
Saturday 15/07/2017 Stoke Reach for the Stars 
Saturday 22/07/2017 Kings Lynn Kings Lynn Open 
Thursday 27/07/2017 Isle Of Man Q/R 
Saturday 29/07/2017 Isle Of Man W&Y 
Monday 31/07/2017 Isle Of Man Sword of State 
Thursday 10/08/2017 Great Yarmouth Q/R, W&Y 
Saturday 12/08/2017 Stoke W&Y 
Saturday 19/08/2017 Venray Q/R, European 
Sunday 20/08/2017 Venray W&Y, Open 
Saturday 26/08/2017 Birmingham Q/R, W&Y 
Sunday 03/09/2017 Buxton W&Y 
Sunday 24/09/2017 Buxton Gold Top 
Saturday 30/09/2017 Stoke N&M 5 
Sunday 01/10/2017 Sheffield W&Y, Northern
Sunday 08/10/2017 Belle Vue(Covstox) Q/R 2018 
Saturday 14/10/2017 Skegness W&Y 
Sunday 22/10/2017 Buxton N&M 6 Protech Challenge Final
Thursday 26/10/2017 Skegness East Coast 
Saturday 28/10/2017 Birmingham W&Y Final 
Sunday 29/10/2017 Northampton Northampton Championship
Saturday 04/11/2017 Stoke (Covstox)Q/R 2018 
Sunday 05/11/2017 Belle Vue 

World of Shale 

Saturday 18/11/2017 Birmingham Northern & Midland
Monday 31/12/2017 Stoke Winter National (no national points)


20.1.18 Presentation Evening