22 March 2013

Congratulations to our latest drivers to pass their ORCi Assessment:

#28 Jake Wilson


#414 Harrison Careless-Veall


#925 Josh Wilson



20 March 2013

Congratulations to #24 Harley Thackra - North West Champion in only his second shale meeting! 



Happy Birthday #613 Chloe Serpell


Happy Birthday #330 Jackson Whitehead


Congratulations to our new drivers:

#66 Ellis Yeatman


#173 Max Kaye


#277 Thomas Rogers


#335 Jake Woodhull


#513 Megan Charlesworth



5 March 2018

Happy Birthday #798 Finn Sargent


26 February 2018

Happy Birthday #361 Lucy Shaw


24 February 2018

Happy Birthday #101 Gilen Bullock


14 February 2018

Congratulations to #77 Tom Earl on passing his ORCi driver assessment


31 January 2018

Happy Birthday #381 Tyrone Evans and #392 Lewis Evans


29 January 2018

Happy Birthday #311 Jake Bointon


25 January 2018 

Happy Birthday #630 Dani Parker



21 January 2018

Happy Birthday #8 Catherine Harris


19 January 2018

Happy Birthday #282 Tomson Streets


18 January 2018

Happy Birthday Mr Chairman


11 January 2018

Happy Birthday #405 Josh Hamstead


10 January 2018

Happy Birthday #145 Jamie Gwin 


6 January 2018

Happy Birthday #198 James Benson


5 January 2018

Happy Birthday #418 Mitchell Driver


29 December 2017

Happy Birthday #291 Declan Cavanagh


11 December 

Happy Birthday #287 Amelia Wilkinson


2 December 2017

Happy Birthday #267 Molly Robson


29 November 2017

Happy Birthday #110 Evan Bullock


28 November 2017

Happy Birthday #128 Harry Joe Watson


21 November 2017

Happy Birthday #475 Leah Sealy


20 November 2017

Happy Birthday #53 Roger Stansfield


16 November 2017

Happy Birthday #1 Jack Witts



9 November 2017

Happy Birthday #21 Charlotte Gilbank


7 November 2017

Happy Birthday #711 Niamh Cavanagh



6 November 2017

Congratulations to #392 Lewis Evans - winner of the 2017 World of Shale Championship


Congratulations #391 Rebecca Smith - winner of the Northampton Championship 2017


2 November 2017

Winner of the Whites & Yellows Championship 2017 #475 Leah Sealy


Winner of the East Coast Championship #405 Josh Hamstead


23 October 2017

Congratulations to #1 Jack Witts winner of the Protech Challenge 2017


22 October

Happy Birthday #68 Callum Thornton


Happy Birthday #124 Kyle Gray 



17 October 

Happy Birthday #17 Ella McAfee


11 October 

Happy Birthday #183 Charlie Guinchard


27 September   

Happy Birthday #120 Finn Hunter-Johnson


Congratulations Jack Witts winner of the 2017 World Final held at Buxton Raceway on Sunday


21 September

Congratulations to Lilly Finnikin and Finn Hunter-Johnson on passing their ORCi Assessment 

#55 Lilly Finnikin 


 #120 Finn Hunter-Johnson


25 August 2017

#24 Harley Thackra  passing his ORCi driver assessment


European Champion 2017 #180 Jack Witts


Venray Open 2017 #246 Jenson Brickley


15 August 2017

Congratulations to Henry Robson #67 on passing his ORCi Driver Assessment


3 August 2017 

Congratulations Niamh Cavanagh on passing her ORCi Driver Assessment



Congratulations #381 Tyrone Evans - winner of the Sword of State



19 July 2017

Congratulations #211 Tom Birchenough, winner of the Reach for the Stars Championship


10 July 2017

Happy Birthday #7 Brandon Winter


6 July 2017

Happy Birthday #391 Rebecca Smith


29 June 2017

Congratulations #193 Sharlotte Lewis on passing the ORCi Driver Assessment


12 June 2017

Congratulations to #101 Gilen Bullock, winner of the American Connections Championship 2017


5 June 2017

Congratulations #8 Catherine Harris winner of British Championship 2017 


1 June 2017

Happy Birthday #251 Noah Medway


31 May 2017

Happy Birthday #152 Charlie Sworder 



21 May 2017

Happy Birthday #84 Ryan Taylor


12 May 2017   

Happy Birthday #299 Harley Burns                                                

6 May 2017

Congratulations to Elexie Bartrum for passing her ORCi assessment and joining National Ministox


29th April 2017

Happy Birthday #290 Charley Tomblin


20 April 2017

Happy Birthday #204 Kayleigh Cannell


14 April 2017

Happy Birthday #112 Tom Armstrong


13 April 2017 

Congratulations to #29 Gracie Squire on passing her ORCi Assessment


9 April 2017

Happy Birthday #246 Jenson Brickley


3 April 2017

Happy Birthday #211 Tom Birchenough


18 March 2017

Happy Birthday #613 Chloe Serpell                                

14 March 2017  

Happy Birthday #330 Jackson Whitehead


5 March 2017

Happy Birthday #798 Finn Sargent


4 March 2017

Happy Birthday #269 Ben Chalkley


Congratulations to the latest drivers, who have this week completed their driver assessment:


         #475 Leah Sealy


          #192 Max Harding


         #171 Thomas Dunne 


26 February 2017

Happy Birthday #361 Lucy Shaw


24 February 2017

Happy Birthday #101 Gillen Bullock



11 February 2017

Happy Birthday #598 Lewis Taylor


31 January 2017

Happy Birthday #381 Tyrone and #392 Lewis Evans



29 January 2017

Happy Birthday #311 Jake Bointon


25 January 2017

Happy Birthday #630 Dani Parker


21 January 2017

Happy Birthday #8 Catherine Harris


19 January 2017

Happy Birthday #282 Tomson Streets


18 January 2017

           Mr Chairman


11 January 2017

Happy Birthday #405 Josh Hamstead


10 January 2017

Happy Birthday #145 Jamie Gwin


6 January 2017

Happy Birthday #198 James Benson


5 January 2017

Happy Birthday #418 Mitchell Driver


29 December 2016

Happy Birthday #291 Declan Cavanagh


27 December 2016

Winner of 2016 Winter Nationals Championship #299 Harley Burns


Happy Birthday #374 Kai Lindsay 



11 December 2016

Happy Birthday #287 Amelia Wilkinson


2 December 2016

Happy Birthday #267 Molly Robson


29 November 2016     

Happy Birthday #110 Evan Bullock 


28 November 2016

Happy Birthday #128 Harry Joe Watson


24 November 2016

Congratulations to #84 Ryan Taylor, our latest driver to join National Ministox


20 November 2016

Happy Birthday #53 Roger Stansfield


16 November 2016

Congratulations to #281 George Davis, our latest driver to join National Ministox


Happy Birthday #180 Jack Witts


6 November 2016

2016 World Of Shale winner #8 Catherine Harris


Happy Birthday #320 Bradley Bamford


31 October 2016

Happy Birthday #268 Ben Pegg 


22nd October 2016

Happy Birthday #68 Callum Thornton 

Happy Birthday #124 Kyle Gray


17th October 2016

Happy Birthday #17 Ella McAfee


15th October 2016

Happy Birthday #121 Vinnie and #141 Harry Neath-Rogers


12th October 2016

Congratulations to #251 Noah Medway winner of the Whites and Yellows Championship 2016


Congratulations to #145 Jamie Gwin for his first race win at Sheffield on Sunday 

11 October 2016

Happy Birthday #1 Charlie Guinchard


7 October 2016

Happy Birthday #472 Lee Newton


6 October 2016

Congratulations to our 2 latest drivers to join National Ministox:

#468 Bradley Cooper


#319 Charleigh Simpson



4th October 2016

Happy 16th Birthday #21 Liam Gilbank


23 September 2016

Congratulations to our latest recruit to ministox #21 Charlotte Gilbank

Charlotte will make her debut at Skegness on the 8th October 



20 September 2016

Happy Birthday Courtney Witts - 16 Today 


13 September 2016

       #1 Charlie Guinchard


23 August 2016  Happy Birthday #39 Oliver Rowberry


22 August 2016

2016 European Champion #392 Lewis Evans


9 August 2016

Congratulations #291 Declan Cavanagh - winner of the American Connections 2016


6 August 2016  Happy Birthday #60 Matthew Venables



Congratulations to #1 Courtney Witts winner of the Sword of State 2016 


Congratulations to #204 Kayleigh Cannell winner of the Reach for the Stars Championship 

29 July 2016  Happy Birthday #502 Ryan Weston


25 July 2016  Happy Birthday #272 Jessica Tidd


Driver of the Day from Buxton 24 July - #287 Amelia Wilkinson



21 July 2016

Congratulations to #311 Jake Bointon, our latest driver to pass his assessment and join the ministox ranks.


18 July Happy Birthday #612 Matthew Serpell



17 July 2016  Happy 16th Birthday #10 Chloe Jukes


10 July 2016  Happy Birthday #7 Brandon Winter


7 July 2016  Happy Birthday #391 Rebecca Smith


13 June 2016

Congratulations #1 Courtney Witts for retaining the British Championship at Skegness on Saturday


6 June 2016  Congratulations #198 James Benson winning both of his heats at Stoke


1 June 2016  Happy Birthday #251 Noah Medway 


31 May 2016 Happy Birthday #152 Charlie Sworder                        

28 May 2016 Happy 16th Birthday #69 Matt Barnard


26 May 2016  Happy Birthday #285 Briannie Davis


21 May 2016  Happy Birthday #84 Ryan Taylor


16 May 2016 Winner of 2016 Skegness Open #183 Charlie Guinchard


12 May 2016  Happy Birthday #299 Harley Burns


9 May 2016

Sheffield Sunday 8th May - Driver of the Day #598 Lewis Taylor

winner of the Yorkshire Shield 2014, 2015 and 2016!


Congratulations to #180 Jack Witts - first race win at Sheffield yesterday



3 May 2016

Belle Vue Sunday 2 May - Driver of the Day #128 Harry Joe Watson



25 April 2016

Happy Birthday #38 Matt Rowberry 


Congratulations #152 Charlie Sworder winner of the 2016 Stock Car Journal Trophy



21 April 2016

Congratulations to #287 Amelia Wilkinson on passing her driving competency test



20 April 2016 Happy Birthday #204 Kayleigh Cannell


18 April 2016  Happy Birthday #154 Declan Gwin


17 April 2016  Happy Birthday #3 Albert Carter


14 April 2016  Happy Birthday #112 Tom Armstrong


12 April 2016  Happy Birthday Daniel Curwen 


9 April 2016 Happy Birthday #246 Jenson Brickley


7 April 2016  Happy Birthday #29 Gemma Tomblin


3 April 2016  Happy 16th Birthday #202 Will Knight 


31 March 2016  Happy Birthday #22 Melissa Harrison



29 March 2016 

Congratulations #141 Harry Neath-Rogers - winner of the 2016 County Bridge Trophy


18 March 2016  Happy Birthday #613 Chloe Serpell


16 March 2016  

Congratulations to our latest driver to join the ranks

            #391 Rebecca Smith


14 March 2016  Happy Birthday #330 Jackson Whitehead



13 March 2016

Congratulations #7 Brandon Winter - 1st Heat Win at Coventry last night
      (photo from meeting last year)

5th March 2016    Happy Birthday 

#287 Jansen Wilkinson  and  #798 Finn Sargent




4th March 2016  Happy Birthday #269 Ben Chalkley

3rd March 2016
Congratulations to the first of our new drivers who have completed their competence driving and are set to join the ranks:
           #17   Ella McAfee
           #38   Matthew Rowbury
           #121  Vinnie Neath-Rogers
           #141  Harry Neath-Rogers
           #418  Mitchell Driver 



26th February 2016  Happy Birthday #361 Lucy Shaw



24th February 2016  Happy Birthday  #101 Gilen Bullock



20th February 2016  Happy Birthday #2 Ben Chambers 



11th February 2016  Happy Birthday #598 Lewis Taylor



31st January 2016  Happy Birthday #381 Tyrone and #392 Lewis Evans

Birthday wishes also to our Vice-Chairman Mark Sargent
21st January 2016  Happy Birthday #8 Catherine Harris



18th January 2016  Happy Birthday Mr Chairman


10th January 2016 Happy Birthday #145 Jamie Gwin




7th January 2016  Happy Birthday  #147 Eddie Collins - 16 Today 

29th December 2015   Happy Birthday #291 Declan Cavanagh
28th December 2015
Our new drivers who joined us at Belle Vue:
#83 Sid Burton

#110 Evan Bullock

#180 Jack Witts   

Winner of the Grand National - Albert Carter


Final Podium: 1st #269 Ben Chalkley, 2nd #147 Eddie Collins, 3rd #330 Jackson Whitehead


 We say farewell to #287 Jansen Wilkinson and #147 Eddie Collins

we wish them all the best in their futures 

20th November 2015 
Happy Birthday #391 Jessica Smith
Happy Birthday #53 Roger Stansfield


16th November 2015 - Happy Birthday - Nathan Harrison, Camey Dorrell and Jack Witts

Nathan Harrison               Camey Dorrell

                    Jack Witts


14th November 2015 - Birmingham
Well done to #269 Ben Chalkley attaining podium places on all of his races 



  Happy Birthday #158 Abigail Stansfield - 16 today



8th November 2015 Belle Vue Driver of the day #53 Roger Stansfield as chosen by 'the Stirks'


7th November 2015 Coventry Driver of the day #22 Melissa Harrison as chosen by Andy Barnard



1st November Drivers of the day #158 Abigail Stansfield and #613 Chloe Serpell as chosen by Katie McKeown

24th October 2015 Whites and Yellows Championship 2015                      #598 Lewis Taylor
17th October 2015
Driver of the Day #147 Eddie Collins chosen by John Brown 
11th October 2015
Happy 18th Birthday to Katie McKeown (#23 retired ministox)

Driver of the day Buxton - #392 Lewis Evans as chosen by Ryan Fairburn


4th October 2015
Happy Birthday Frankie Wainman JJ - 16 Today 

Please see website of Wainman Racing for a father-son tribute to Frankie. We wish Frankie Wainman JJ every success in the future. 


Congratulations to ex-ministox driver, Amy Jagger #525 on her first V8 win at Stoke on Saturday.


Special mention to Roger who had the honour of taking 'Sir John' Lund round on his winning parade lap  


Happy Birthday!! 2 of our ladies have birthdays today 20th September 
Mia Pritchard #434   16 today!!

Courtney Witts  #1


Austin Moore #127 went 16 last week after a full and successful career with Brisca ministox's. Look out for Austin in his F1 (hopefully to debut at Birmingham on Saturday) 

Congratulations to our Points Champion of 2014 - Well done Courtney
   #180 Courtney Witts

Congratulations to Courtney Witts #180  Winner of the World of Shale 2014

Well done to Will Knight #202 excellent driving this weekend.

Special Mention to Matt Barnard #69 - First win for Matt at Coventry  

Well done to the boys at Sheffield - special congratulations to Joe Nicholls winning the Yorkshire Shield and also 2 podiums full of lads!

Driver of the Day - Sheffield
#242  Joe Nicholls (chosen by John Emmett) 

Birthday Wishes to Jedd for Sunday - hope you enjoy your finale on Saturday night!

Driver of the Day - Belle Vue
#53 Roger Stansfield  (chosen by Mr Bamford) 

Driver of the Day - Coventry 4th October
#53 Roger Stansfield
for not only winning his first race, but for doing it from waved yellows (chosen by Ray Witts)

Updated 17th September

got a message you want to post on here for you're favourite mini drivers in the gold top race? send me an email! stansfield.hazel@googlemail.com

''good luck to everyone in the mini gold top race, may the best driver win'' - Melissa Harrison #22

'' Good luck sophie, webbo and ryan'' - Ellis Attewell (ex ministox driver)

''Wishing my little webbo all the luck in the world this weekend to bring back the gold! Hopefully lucks on your side & most of all you enjoy it! 226 for gold!''- Laura Reedman

''A massive kick a$$ to Camey, Harry and Frankie... and remember... No guts no glory!!''- Lorna Paterson 

''Frankie for gold!!!! And good luck to all other drivers''- Shay Murphy #82

''All the best to the drivers in the gold top race, hoping for a girl winner;)''- Abigail Stansfield #158

'' I would like to wish EVERYONE good luck for the gold roof on sunday!!! wishing jansen the best of luck, we are so proud of you!!! Just do what you always do and put 100% in!!''- Sarah Wilkinson (#287)

''Good luck to Matt Barnard #69 in your first Gold Top race, we're very proud of you, love mum and dad xx''

''Good luck to my main man Amy WEBBO Webster, hopefully you'll bring the Gold back, no one deserves more!! 226 for gold!!''- Sharne Steele (ex driver)

''Good luck to everyone racing the gold top! hope you all have fun and put on a great show!''- Georgina Bullock #153

''Good luck to everyone, go out to enjoy it and cant wait to see who wins xx'' -Mia Pritchard #434 

Updated 1st July 
#259 Ben Chalkley (fantastic performance all weekend)
#22 Mellisa Harrison ( who on strange grounds drove extreamly well! novice boards will be off soon!)
#613 Chloe Serpell ( For getting back out on track after a big crash)
#165 Jedd Stirk (Winning the scottish championship)
#202 William Knight (Not having the best of luck on saturday night and changing that and getting podium finishes on sunday)
i could list a reason why EVERY single driver should get a special mention for this weekend but i would be here all night, you all drove fantastic andyou all deserve drivers of the weekend! a big well done to everyone! 
Updated 23rd June
 21st June Messissa Harrison #22
 22nd June Jedd Stirk #165 
Chosen by pete billows, dad of ex ministox driver #402 
Updated 2nd May
sunday 1st May carfest at cov
Shay Murphy
in the borrowed #h107 car  

Updated 28th May
Bellevue 26th May
William Knight #202
Reason: trying his hardest all meeting, podium finish, battling with other cars
Kingslynn 24th May
Georgina Bullock #153
First ever race win and podium 

Updated 20th may
driver of the day
Buxton 19th May. Mia Pritchard #424  
reason: fantastic roll over and already eager to get out on track! 

Updated 15th May
Driver Of the Day
Skeggy speed weekend  
Saturday: Charlie Sworder #152  
Sunday: Melissa Harrison #22 

Updated 6th April
novice- 251 Noah Medway
white- 613 Chloe Serpell
Yellow- 45 Jake Harrhy
Blue- 262 Camey Dorrell

Updated 18th March
welcome Matt Barnard #69 to the club as you can see he has the novice grade award. drove really well, keep it up matt!!

DRIVER OF THE DAY stoke 15th march
H107 going from white drove really well (chosen by chairman)

grade awards
novice: #69 Matt Barnard
white: #45 and #330
yellow: #514
Blue: #287

All drivers raced with raceivers for the first time, lots of good comments!

Updated 5th March
#183 Charlie ginchard.
chosen by David Trevor reason: drove really well new car brings new luck.
Chloe serpell had to be cut out of her car in practice on sunday, not the best of starts for her after going really well in previous practices, taken to hospital for a check up, all seems well.

Updated 19th Feb
Happy birthday 16th Declan Kaye #473, best of luck for where your racing career takes you!

Updated 9th Feb
A happy birthday to all the drivers who have a birthday this month!
#1 Ryan Fairburn 14/2/99
#598 Lewis Taylor 11/2/01
#473 Declan Kaye 19/2/98 (aged 16)
#613 Chloe Serpell 18/2/02
#2 ben Chambers 20/2/00

Updated 26th January
welcome new drivers for 2014 so far!
Edward Collins #147 (DOB 7/1/2004)
Liam Gilbank #21
James benson #198 (DOB 6/1/2004)
Benjamin peg #268

Also a happy birthday to all the drivers who have a birthday in January!
#45 Jake Harrhy 10/1/99
#145 Jamie Gwin 10/1/02
#134 Sophie Maynard 14/1/99
#8 Catherine Harris 21/1/02
#153 Georgina Bullock 26/1/99
Updated 1st December
Just a special mention to all those who have birthdays in December!
Courtney Finnikin 14.12.97
Ryan Davies 06.12.98
Nicole Emmett 30.12.97
Daniella Makinson 30.12.99
Happy Birthday to all!

Updated 17th November
Introducing our new regular feature to the website, a 'driver of the day' will be chosen after each meeting. Please note that driver of the day may not be the person who won the most races on that meeting but the best driver. This will be chosen by a random person each week.
Name: Ben Chalkey
Number: 269
Roof colour: Blue
Reason: Battling with the superstars and giving them a run for their money!
Chosen by: Karl Emmit (313 and 131 mechanic)

Name:Noah Medway, Jack Bullock, Georgina Bullock
Number: 251, 58, 153
Roof colour: Novices
Reason: Racing really well in very muddy conditions
Chosen by: David Trevor (the chairman)
Updated 13 November
just a special mention to all the drivers who have birthdays this month
-Austin moore #127
-Abigail Stansfield #158
-Roger Stansfield #53
-Nathan Harrison #99
-Camey Dorell #262
-Jess Smith #391
And also faye smith #48 who has reached the ripe old age of 16 and now retired

Updated 11th November
stoxscard winner (Sheffield 10th November)- team Witts #180